2017 Summer Velocity Enhancement & Arm Health Camp

TZAcademy is pleased to announce our 11th Annual Summer Baseball Training Program.


Our summer training is a highly established strength, conditioning, and throwing training protocol that will incorporate baseball strength training as well as arm care and velocity enhancement.

The goal of the summer program will be to further aid the explosive nature of throwing through our core and leg strength conditioning systems that is not found anywhere else in Southern California.

For the past several years, there has been a BIG jump in the so-called opportunities for youth and HS players who go to all-star tournaments and play in showcases in Arizona, Florida, or any other warm weather state in the country. College players go off to play in summer leagues. For a sense of the reality of summer baseball games, showcases and the complete waste of time they are set up (never mind that there is NO development involved in these ‘events’), click below for a blog written by one of our mentors, Kyle Boddy:


The most important training that your player-son can do to ready himself for the next season is to train and develop in an environment that prides itself on the total development of the highly skilled pitcher.

Going to college showcase camps will NOT get you into their school unless there are certain criteria that is met on the mound:


Arm Health

Physical Strength

Despite what many coaches may tell you throwing a baseball 90 miles per hour is an almost guarantee to play at a D1 school. 91+ IS a guarantee!

Most coaches state how important it is to throw strikes…..as if no one realized that statement. However, top college and universities know that throwing a baseball more fast allows you the opportunity to miss more bats plus be able to throw the ball down the middle of the plate and get people out.

That CANNOT happen if you throw 85 mph…..let alone 80-84.

86 to 87 mph may get a school to look at you a couple of times when they are finished looking at all the 90+ mph pitchers. Even 88-89 gets you to be part of their thought process…..possibly get you on the team…..however it will not get you more playing time. Everyone in college does exactly that…..throw 88 mph and then they get one opportunity to prove themselves then they find out that hitters LIKE 88 mph!

Anything that is 90+……hitters shake their head saying “No bueno”.

Arm health is the ability to recover strong enough after a long outing…..recovering so you can come back and pitch another day if you are in the bullpen!

Physical strength is what it is……the strength to throw a baseball with power and precision…..AND repeat the delivery over and over!

Showcases, college camps and HS and club teams do not afford you any of the above traits needed for a hopeful HS and college player….even professional.

Our past camp participants include players at the following universities:



*UC Irvine

*Cal State Fullerton

*Cal State Northridge

*University of San Diego


*University of Northern Colorado

*Cal State Bakersfield

*University of Penn

*Air Force Academy

*UC Santa Barbara

There are never any guarantees in life however you play the best hand available to you and be assured that we do a very good job at giving you the best cards to play the best hand available.

Our summer training camp is tailored to exactly how workouts and weekend clinics are run at the nationally known Texas Baseball Ranch in Houston, TX, The Florida Baseball Ranch just outside of Tampa, FL and Driveline Baseball in Seattle, WA.

This 3X / week, 3 hour / day workout will incorporate the following schedule:

*Mental training video

*Notebook review and daily goals

*Multiple warm up routines

*Thoracic spine / Glute activation

*Agility training

*Explosive training and speed work utilizing medicine balls, ropes, chains, box jumps and weighted sprints

*Band, Plyo care throws, Reverse weighted implements

*Various Deceleration work with weighted balls

*Lower half training drills

*Velocity Enhancement with weighted ball throwing routine that will be tailored to the individual need of the player

*Video analysis

*Mound work

*Explosive sprint work

*Post Arm protocols and cool down

*Recovery work including Marc Pro, Cupping and Mobility wrap enhancement for rapid recovery

*Nutritional guideline for post recovery success

We will have a specific and personalized throwing protocol for each player that will be part of their everyday training program.

We will be measuring and recording all reps and mph that will be a staple of the class.

Due to the intense nature of our training and and the individual nature that players are learning how to get the most out of our training, we only are able to offer the summer program for players age 13 and above.

An initial Functional Movement Screening will be performed for all players on two different weekends beginning Saturday, June 3 before the camp starts. The weekend of June 9 & June 10 (both Friday and Saturday) will be another weekend for evaluations. The camp sessions will include a detailed video analysis with adjustments and corrections that will be made over the period of time. Players will have individual workouts with specific drills that will be given to them at the beginning of each class. We will…..as my mentor, Ron Wolforth, has coined the phrase……create a hyper-personalization training program for each player written down and to be carried out for the day. Goals will be set and constant assessments will be made.

This training is not for everyone. We would love to have every single person that we have worked with involved in this class. As we have told players in the past, due to the training aspect and specificity of our program, we will be turning students away who may not be 100% committed to what we have to offer. Our training sessions will not be a playground to keep a player busy during the day. It will not be because we do not like for everyone to be here, but we want our students who are serious about becoming a better player and our looking to further their development for the next season. This is the perfect complement finishing up a long summer season and the transition to what becomes the most important part of training……the offseason, or development time.

Therefore, due to the intensity of our training and and the individual nature that players are learning how to get the most out of the training day, we only are able to offer the summer program for players age 13 and above.

However, if you want to improve, then it will be measured and you will know the course you are on. There will be much improvement from the past few years so the player will exactly know where they stand. You can be assured that you will see great improvement provided you put exactly the type of work in that is needed to improve.

Our class schedule has worked as a perfect complement to the high school and all-star teams practice and game schedules that they have. Many of our students have stated how much more prepared they have felt before their summer games and to help lead them into the beginning of their school practice sessions for the following school year.

The class will only be open to the first 14 players who register for that particular day’s time slot. You are considered registered when the initial class deposit is made.

Dates of each session:

1st Session: June 5- June 29 – SOLD OUT

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

2nd Session: July 3 – July 27

week 1 only: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

 rest of session: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday


First class – 9:45a – 12:30p

Second class – 12:45p – 3:30p

All training classes will be held indoors at the TZAcademy pitching facility.

First session will run from June 6 to June 29. We will have a second part of the summer training beginning Monday, July 3 and will run through July 27. (The 2nd session / week 1 will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday).

Each day of the camp will be a 2 hour and 45 minute workout with individual attention given to building up core strength and beginning arm care and movement patterns that will precede the camp.

Costs for each of the weeks:

2 weeks: $285

3 weeks: $395

4 weeks: $499

(If you are participating in all 8-week sessions then you can take $75 off the entire cost for the 8-week package, provided you pay the entire fee up front)

Also, due to the individual nature of our summer training program, we will offering ONLY 14 spots per class. The first clients to contact me will be allowed to be part of our class. A $100 deposit will be required to hold a spot with the remaining costs due the first day of camp.

Once a class is filled there will not be any more students admitted to that session…….

Do not miss out on the only sport specific training and throwing program on the est coast that focuses on the areas you need to become more durable with better arm recovery AND increase velocity while maintaining control and command of your pitches.

If you want to become great at something and achieve your goal, then you must write it down and measure the steps along the way. That is what TZAcademy is doing and why we are a leader in the development of pitchers and throwers!

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