August 2014 Newsletter

Mindset and Its Place in the Game of Baseball

Back in the fall of 1983, I started my college life as a student-athlete at the University of Arizona. Going to my dream school as a baseball player and student I was so ecstatic to move into Graham-Greeney dorms right close to the middle of campus. I was going to be living on my own for the first time, be able to make my own decisions on where to eat and what movie to go see at the campus theater and in my mind, be on the road to a career as a baseball player.

One of my first favorite things to do while in my dorm room was to find pictures of pitchers in baseball magazines in the middle of their delivery and then cut them out around the edges of the pages. I would then glue them to a poster board and put them up around my area of the dorm room. My roommate at that time thought I was ‘weird’ but I was happy to just look up and around at some of my favorite pitchers, Dwight ‘Doc’ Gooden….Nolan Ryan…J.R. Richards…..and so many others. Those players were my pitching heroes and I was going to be just like them.

But like most in life, we tend to prioritize life’s agenda as to the pleasure it gives us at that moment of time. I went to class then went to baseball practice and weight room activities. My day was structured so that from 8a-6p I knew exactly what I was doing at every moment. However, when the evening came around, my mind was more occupied with living the college life. I lost my focus in what my real goal was, which was to play the game at the professional level. My mindset did not allow me to become what my heart really wanted. And that is where valuable lessons of life come to everyone who has a goal in life.

Development and Dedication Lead to our Destiny

Every day before our summer group training class we show a mindset video that allows players to get in the right mindset before our workout begins. The players, in their own way, look forward to the new video whether it is about never giving up… inspirational story of a father and his handicapped son…or a simple thirty second montage of Michael Jordan explaining why he never quit even when he was cut from his JV team in high school. The purpose of starting the class with these videos is to prepare the mind, not too dissimilar to preparing the body, for the rigors of the workouts and the mental ability to do the absolute best they can perform while improving their skill set.

Have you even walked out of a great movie or finished an amazing book and thought to yourself “Wow, that was just incredible”? In some small way it allows you to see things differently and get you to a place of feeling better about yourself and the world that you live in. And in the long run, it allows you to change the world that you live…..maybe appreciate things better or motivates you to make a difference in either your own life or someone else’s life.

That is the power of the mind. It can lead you to dedicate yourself to becoming the best you can be. Mindset can push you to go the extra mile….push out another rep…..dedicate yourself to becoming the best. It is our goal every class to put each individual in the right direction in terms of their effort to being better today than they were before they came into class.

And who knows, if the stars align, your child can play extensively in HS, College or even beyond. But it will have to be based on their desire to develop at the pace they are willing to work. Whether they are a travel ball player, tournament or all star kid, or they just want to have their own fun, there is a place for them in the game. But the desire in their life will be based on their own ‘destiny’. For every Trevor Bauer and Tyler Glasnow, there are many, many players who get to their own level of success…..and many times it is not because of baseball but because they are dedicated and have a desire to become great all the while having fun… their own chosen field.

What we can do here at ThrowZone is provide them the very best instruction and motivation to do their best and stay as healthy as possible…….and to have fun while they are here. That is what will drive them to dedicate themselves to great things in their life.

And For Myself…….

I have thought back many times on why I thought I could be so dedicated to the game I love and wonder why I didn’t get to the level of a player that I wanted for myself. And several years back it struck me. Why did I constantly make poster boards of pitchers in my dorm room and stare at their delivery and notice every thing they did?

I would say drum roll but it is just insanely obvious………

My role in life is to help your child become the best that they can on the mound while studying them and watching over them……hoping that one day they will look back and think they it all started with that guy at ThrowZone. That guy helped me become better and to stay healthy.

And that is why I was dedicated and had desire to my craft while starting this business. My destiny was to help others achieve their goals and dreams and in turn my destiny would be revealed.

Funny how God makes things work out. But because of how we look at things and allow our mindset to either push us towards greatness or failure, that is exactly what will happen. It may not always be smooth sailing but it is part of our journey. Process over results.

And in turn the results become exactly what we have always desired in our lives.

Until next time……..