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2018 Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp

September 28th - 30th

Ron Wolforth and the Texas Baseball Ranch is Coming back to Southern California!!!

Reserve Your Slot Now for an upcoming Elite Pitchers Boot Camp – Held for only 1 weekend on the West Coast in Santa Clarita, CA

This Exclusive 3-Day Baseball Camp for Committed Pitchers Who Have a Burning Desire to Advance to the Next Level

Take this quiz. Do you:

  • want more velocity so you can make it to the next level?

  • want more command of your pitches?

  • want better secondary stuff?

  • want more consistency from game to game?

  • want to recover better between starts or training sessions?

  • have arm pain, tightness, or soreness that hurts your performance?

If you answered “Yes” at least once, you’ll find answers in this message.

That’s because …

This Is Your “Ticket” To Hit 90 MPH,

Dominate Hitters, And Reach The Next Level

You’re invited to my one-of-a-kind training camp, specifically geared for serious, committed and dedicated pitchers (ages 12-25).


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

September 28, 29 and 30, 2018


Ron Wolforth’s Elite Pitchers Boot Camp in conjunction with Throwzone Academy:

3 Days of the Most Intense, Results-Driven Pitching Instruction, Training and Education in the Country Today.


I'm Coach Ron Wolforth,

And I have to warn you…. my one-of-a-kind training camp is specifically geared for serious, committed and dedicated pitchers (ages 9-25) who are WILLING to work hard and READY to become the most explosive pitcher in their league.


My coaches and I all BELIEVE
without a doubt
that every kid can reach 90mph.



We have seen it happen time and time again (by kids who were told they would NEVER reach 80mph, much less 90mph).


All you need to become a great pitcher is the right information, the right training and the right work ethic.


If you – or your son - have the dedication and the desire to become an unstoppable pitcher, than my Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp will supply you with the knowledge and the training you need to reach any pitching goal.


Every year, hundreds of pitchers come from around the world to The Texas Baseball Ranch™.  Now, the team from the Texas Baseball Ranch™ is coming to you!

- No other place on earth has developed more 90 mph pitchers since 2003.

- More than 316 Ranch pitchers have broken the 90 mph barrier … 114 have broken 94 mph … and 11 have topped 100 mph!

- And more than 102 of our students have been drafted by Major League Baseball.

- My coaches and I know that every pitcher can reach 90 mph — even if you’re over age 20.


I’ve seen it happen time and time again, for players who were told they would NEVER top 85 mph, much less 90 mph.


All you need is the right information, the right training, and the right work ethic. You get that — and more — at my Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp …


The Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp Has The Power To Change Your Life



Here’s the secret: The key to the whole Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp is our “hyper-personalized” approach. There is no one-size-fits all system … no posing … no choreography.


Here, the focus is on YOU, as an individual. We assess your strengths and identify your weaknesses.


Then, we create a plan of action to transform you into a stronger, smarter, more powerful pitcher.


In just 3 fast-paced days, here’s a small sample of what you will discover …


  • Why Trevor Bauer painted yellow dots on a TV screen in my barn (and you won’t believe the breakthrough it gave him!)

  • How to get noticed by college and pro scouts. Learn what they’re REALLY looking for (as revealed by former pro pitchers). The answers will surprise you — and prepare you for your future

  • How to be the pitcher other teams fear, because they can’t predict or prepare for you!

  • The truth about velocity. Yes, it can be taught! We teach it every day here at The Ranch

  • Finally! A smart approach to curveballs that lets you dominate hitters … while reducing your risk of injury (works on pitchers as young as 12)

  • How to instantly recognize bad advice and misinformation — and what to do about it. This can possibly save your career!

  • The 5-Part Throwing Program of deceleration, connection, arm action, lower half, and athleticism (plus drills you will never guess, not in 300 years) Unique training delivers unique results. Only at the Texas Baseball Ranch!

  • Why pitch count per game doesn’t matter nearly as much as pitch count per inning

  • Why NO one-size-fits-all approach can work for you. The truth is, no two pitchers in the history of baseball have ever thrown exactly the same — and you should run, not walk, from any coach who tries to fit you into somebody else’s mold!

  • The truth about mechanics and why it’s one of the most over-used clichés in baseball

  • What track and field can teach you about throwing over 90 mph (hint: weighted baseballs are your friend)

Plus, you will …

Lock In Your Progress
With Tools And Support

After the Boot Camp, we send you home with 8 Essential Tools. They make your time at The Elite Pitchers Boot Camp  will be the most important 3 days of your baseball career.

#3 Draft Pick for 2011 - Trevor Bauer
On Elite Pitchers Boot Camp...

“Participating in the weekend “Elite Pitchers Boot Camp” was the best decision I have ever made for my baseball career.

The information provided opened the door to a path that has transformed my career and allowed me to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a professional baseball player.”

Trevor Bauer
2011 Golden Spikes Award Winner
#3 Draft Pick 2011 Draft of the Arizona Diamondbacks / current MLB for Cleveland Indians

"They understand what it takes to develop the complete pitcher"

"I consider Ron Wolforth to be one of the most knowledgeable and resourceful pitching instructors in the country.

He understands what it takes to develop the complete pitcher—an approach that places a heavy emphasis on arm health/arm care, conditioning, mechanics and mental preparation.

What a golden opportunity it would be for any pitcher to get this kind of quality instruction. I am jealous! I want to be a student at the camp!”

Alan Jaeger
Jaeger Sports Academy, Los Angeles CA
Personal Trainer to Barry Zito & Mike Lieberthal and over 100 other professional players

"Coaches that actually WANT TO MAKE EVERYONE BETTER and they believe truly that anybody is capable to throw 90 mph"

"I’ve been to four (Elite Pitchers) camps now and although every camp has had the same philosophy, but each time we worked on different kinds of drills and ways to make you better.

It is great working with a group of coaches that actually WANT TO MAKE EVERYONE BETTER and they believe truly that anybody is capable to throw 90 mph.

If you want to get to the next level you should attend the EPBC because in 10 years everyone will be trying to pitch like these guys teach.”

Brady Shroeder
Ellsworth, WI

The Elite Pitchers Boot Camp Has the Power to Change a Pitcher’s Life

With over 72 of my students drafted in the past 8 years, I have learned something that changed my life (and the lives of the pitchers I coach).

I have learned that in order to get Life-Changing Results, you have to think outside the box and do things a little differently.

This is why I designed the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp to be a completely different type of Pitching Camp.

Here, the focus is on the individual player.

We will assess your strengths, identify your weaknesses and then you will discover what areas you need to focus on to develop a plan of action that WILL transform you into a stronger, more mental, more powerful pitcher.

I have held over 170 Elite Pitchers Boot Camps and worked with thousands of pitchers… and the results are truly something to brag about.


"The coaches here are a hidden gem"

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the camp. The evaluation process helped me to truly see the constraints holding me back from being a better pitcher.  The coaches here are a hidden gem.

They teach the right philosophies and give it to you straight.  This camp isn’t for the passive pitcher.  The Ranch attempts to make a pitcher’s desire stronger and make them want to work harder to succeed.” Blake Hall, Anderson University

"I have never learned so much in such a short amount of time about pitching"

“I really enjoyed the obvious expertise, passion and professional manner of teaching and coaching from everyone running this camp.

The focus on each kid leaving with an understanding of what he needs to do to get to his next level and what it will take and why he needs to do these things is worth everything. The most beneficial things as a parent was coming to a much better understanding of the mechanics of the pitching motion and what to be concerned about correcting and what not to.

I feel I have learned enough that my son and I can watch video of him pitching and recognize where work is needed.  I have never learned so much in such a short amount of time about pitching.

This boot camp is truly for those who are motivated to work hard on their pitching.  The expertise and coaching are second to none along with great passion for the subject.”

John Rohde
Winona, MN



“The entire coaching staff was amazing. The inspirational time is great and the attention to preparation and arm care is valuable information.  You will not leave this camp without gaining huge amount of tools and knowledge. It is very organized and time is not wasted at all.  The entire camp is a great atmosphere.”


Mike Murphy- father of, Christopher – (University of San Diego)

The Elite Pitchers Boot Camp Brings Together the Best Coaches to Inspire Your Absolute Best!

At each Elite Pitchers Boot Camp, I always bring together a very select group of talented and knowledgeable coaches to help with the training and help ensure YOU get the hands-on support you need…


And every year, I am highly selective about who I ask to join me in coaching the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp.


And this year Coach Flint Wallace will be joining our Southern California camp for the entire weekend with his expertise and immense knowledge of the game.  Coach Wallace is a former Oakland A's pitcher who after retiring from the game coached at Texas Christian University and then as the pitching coach at Weatherford College in Texas.  Coach Wallace is now the Director of Operations at the Texas Baseball Ranch!


Jonathan Massey and Ollie Kadey who as former collegiate players have first hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed at the college level.  Coach Massey is the Lead Instructor at the Ranch and Coach Kadey runs the Durathro program.


I only want coaches who have a deep understanding of the ranch systems, coaches who understand that training is about the individual… coaches who KNOW how to get results and sincerely believe players can go to the next level vs. simply judging who can and can’t.


Past Coaches have included:

*Brent Strom – Houston Astros

*Marty Rubinoff – Baylor University

*Trevor Bauer – Cleveland Indians

*Cody Buckel – Player Development, Seattle Mariners

*Casey McCarthy - Miami Marlins

*China McCarney – Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Indians

*Ryan Chapman – New York Mets

*Matt Blanchard – Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

*Josh Wagner - University of Northern Colorado


In addition, attendees have the opportunity to work with and talk to all of our college and professional players that return to help at these events. And this is incredibly important because so many players love the opportunity to talk with other athletes that have gone through the program and training and can share their personal stories.



The Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is NOT for 90% of the People Reading This Page.

*The EPBC is far more intense than anything most pitchers have ever experienced

*The EPBC is not air conditioned for comfort and doesn’t have shiny new equipment or state of-the-art machines because we KNOW it’s the right information – not the right equipment – that will take you to the next level.

*The EPBC isn’t a nanny.  We won’t force anything upon the athlete.  We give you freedom to develop what works best for you.

*The EPBC doesn’t clone, cookie-cut, choreograph or give you a one size fits all system for you to follow.

*The EPBC doesn’t talk down to you, arrogantly assume we know what is best for you or dictate your every move and thought.


The only things at our EPBC that are “cutting edge” are the most important… the information and the approach


We will give you the tools, the information and the methods that can transform your entire pitching game.

Of course, there are a few things that are expected from you (and a few principals that we expect our pitchers to embrace)…


*We expect your absolute best – no exceptions

*We hold you accountable for your movements, thoughts and behaviors

*We guide, support, inspire and paint a picture of the possible

*We are completely different from the traditional or conventional and we make no excuses or apologies for our uniqueness

*We believe God is great and through him…absolutely anything is possible.  There is no place on Earth more optimistic and positive with regards to developing the throwing athlete than the Texas Baseball Ranch and Pitching Central.  You Will Improve as a Pitcher Through Our Unique and Incredibly Powerful ‘Spring Training’ Approach.


There is no cloning, no cookie-cutting, no posing and no choreographing.

Over the course of 3 days, we will cover:

The Durathro System tm –  Durathro™ System is a series of interconnected and interdependent        parts that delivers a hyper-personalized training program for each individual athlete. The 9 components of the Durathro System are Wake Up Warm up / Arm Care and Recovery / Mobility and Flexibility / Strength and Stability / Conditioning and Recovery 2 / Throwing Program / Mindset / Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep and Recovery 3 / Integrity: Personal and Spiritual.  Coach Wolforth will go over every one of these components throughout the weekend.

Also, highlights of the weekend will also include:

*The mental side of pitching… so many other coaches and camps neglect this KEY part of becoming a powerhouse pitcher, but we give you that mental edge.

*Mechanical Efficiencies & how they relate to velocity, command and movement.  Included will be a personal video analysis.

*Developing different pitches from grips to drills… becoming a more dynamic pitcher – one that other teams’ can’t predict and can’t prepare for.

*Health of the arm/elbow/shoulder and how to avoid injury and take care of your arm.  YOU Are Your Own, Unique Athlete


 “The best part for me was the video analysis with Ron. I enjoyed working at all the different stations and learning how to apply all the drills to myself. I learned a more efficient warm up routine, the flaws in my motion that I know I can fix and a good conditioning routine.  This was great for me and will plan on attending the camps for the rest of my life.”

-Ben Meyer – 16 Years old


The true genius behind The Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is our personal approach.

We work with a pitcher on an individual level – and develop unique and individual systems – so that he can become the best, most athletic, most explosive, most efficient model of himself possible.


Through The Elite Pitchers Boot Camp, each player has exposure to some of the most sought-after teachers and coaches in the game today… teachers who are positive and knowledgeable.


All our teachers and coaches BELIEVE - without a doubt - that every kid can approach 90mph. All you need is the right information, the right training and the right work ethic.

If you have the dedication and the desire to become an unstoppable pitcher, we can supply you with the tools you need to reach any pitching goal.


We will assess each pitcher – identify your weaknesses and asses your strengths – from that you will be able to develop your own personal, plan.


You will learn drills, strategies and systems that you can take back home and continue to work through… and continue to grow… and continue to become stronger, more dynamic and more explosive.


But we also dive in deeper and give each pitcher the added information and edge he needs to move to that next level of success… whether it be to make an elite league, become the star of a high school team or get scouted by college and MLB teams.

At The Elite Pitchers Boot Camp, you will discover…

*The best & latest drills for pitching… so YOU can be on the cutting edge.

*How to recognize bad advice, misinformation and wrong information… and what to replace it with. This can possibly save your career.

*How to deal with negative, manipulative, biased, arrogant or overbearing people… because you WILL have to deal with negative people who believe you cannot achieve… and if you want to move to that next level, you better be prepared for it.

*How to deal with poor coaches, bad umpires, no offensive support, weak defensive support etc… winners NEVER let bad circumstances move themselves into the victim category. And we will teach you exactly how you can choose a different route.

*How to get noticed by college and pro scouts. Learn what they are REALLY looking for (these answers will surprise you and prepare you for your future).

As a special gift to you and your participation in the weekend, Coach Ron has included a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL OF THE DURATHROW SYSTEM online training system that will be made for you immediately.  This is the Texas Baseball Ranch special on-line training program that will allow you to access all of the drills...answer questions....and continue the weekend's training just for being a part of the So Cal weekend of Sept 28 - 30 weekend.


Camp begins at 5pm on the first day and ends at 1:00pm on the last day.
(Slots are limited and fill-up quickly!)

(If your athlete is between the ages of 9-12, you must call before registering.  Please call our office at (661) 644-8814  There are specific elements that must be discussed and understood with regard to participation in the boot camps by younger athletes.)


The Southern California Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is held in Santa Clarita, CA.  The first night is indoors and then outdoors for the next 2 days.


“The EPBC was done in a very professional manner and was put on by the best coaches and instructors. We only go to the best because we want the right instruction.  The weekend went fast because it was not boring as the participants were always moving and learning. We look forward to the next scheduled weekend.”

Brad Cross (Grandfather of Aaron Cross, Brigham Young University)


And just like you, every year the boot camp evolves…


Things are always being added…changed…improved and enhanced.


But what won’t change is that Elite Pitchers Boot Camp will always be directed by myself, Coach Ron Wolforth, along with the help of the best teachers and coaches in the country today.


My suggestion to you… don’t delay.


The number of participants is limited to 42 players for this boot camp to ensure that each pitcher gets the individual attention they need. Once our quotas are reached…no more pitchers will be added. 

So if you wish to join us for our one of our Boot Camps, sign-up today!

Cost for this 3 day event at the Texas Baseball Ranch is $1899!  With travel arrangements (flight, car, hotel) that cost could run as much as $3000. 

However, to attend this West Coast Texas Baseball Ranch Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is only $999!!!

The cost goes for the camp is $849.

Besides being around the very best pitching coaches for 3 days, you will also receive:

*Camp shirt


*EPBC group photo / Individual photo with Coach Wolforth

*Individual video analysis

*Practice plan to ensure your future success on the mound.

Questions? Call 661-644-8814 and we’ll take care of you!

The only catch?

Space at our next Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp is strictly limited to the first 42 pitchers who apply and are accepted. 14 pitchers have already reserved their spot after last years camp so space is limited.  That’s to make sure every athlete gets the same amount of “hyper-personalized” individual training that we’re famous for.


Once we hit our limit of 42 applications, the doors slam shut and you’ll have to apply for the next Boot Camp … if there’s room.

If you’ve got a love of baseball and pitching … a burning desire to improve … and you’re not afraid of hard work, you’re a great candidate for The Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp. We’d love to have you aboard.


Please respond today. You’ll be glad you did.

See YOU at the EPBC 2018!                                                                                                                                

Here’s What To Do Now:

Payment reserves your spot.  As of this writing we are already more than 25% filled up.

Either check, credit card or Venmo is accepted.

Hotel and camp information will be provided once registration is completed!

Email Coach Jim at [email protected] for a registration form.