February 2015 Newsletter

The greatest part of watching the Super Bowl is knowing that after the game, it is on to baseball season!

Leagues have started…..tournaments are in full swing……and it is time to break out of the doldrums of the cold, some rain, the wind and wondering which free agent is going to sign with what team.

It is time for baseball…….

For ThrowZone Academy, it is time for some new and exciting ventures into the baseball world. Without being too dramatic, here is what we have been up to over the past few months:

Jim Wagner’s ThrowZone Academy has ‘officially’ become TZAcademy. Still a leader in Southern California in pitching and throwing development, we have entered the world of hitting development and baseball strength training!!

Welcome to the new and bigger world of ThrowZone…….a full service baseball academy that allows baseball players to train under 1 ‘roof’ in all areas of the game. Our new facility is six doors down in Unit H of our 26846 Oak Avenue address. Pitching and throwing in Unit B….hitting and strength training in Unit H.

Our full time hitting instructors are Robert Van Scoyoc and Craig Wallenbrock. Both of these coaches are truly genius in their approach to hitting via video recording and out of the box training methods which has helped hundreds of professional hitters and thousands of collegiate, HS and youth players.

You can read about Craig here: http://www.wallenbrockhitting.com/

Robert Van Scoyoc is a former collegiate baseball player who has trained with Craig for a number of years. Robert has an extensive client base including both MLB and MiLB players as well as current D1 collegiate ballplayers who look to Robert for his continued quest to maximize the players skill level at the highest levels in baseball.

Our strength and training performance coach is Chris Antariksa. Chris is a former collegiate baseball player who graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University as a kinesiology major. He has turned his passion of baseball into full time strength training here at TZAcademy. As a former trainer at a local training facility, Chris brings his passion to all levels of baseball including many current professional and collegiate players as well as hundreds of youth athletes.

We welcome all 3 coaches to our academy and look for their continued expansion in development and marketing the TZAcademy name to many more players throughout Southern California.

Along with our TZA club baseball program, we have expanded our reach to many more baseball players throughout the region. We are looking at future expansion into the softball world and more teams in the club baseball circles. It is truly a full service academy that serves the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond more than any other academies in the area. It is our hope to continue servicing our expanded client base in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County regions in the near future!

As has been our mission statement for years, training and development has always been…and always will be….at the forefront of what we provide for our clients. We train to play games……not play games to get our training in. Training in any endeavor is what makes successful athletes both on and off the field. Imagine taking a test all the time without ever being able to study for that test. Or interviewing for a job that you never put time into learning about and becoming an expert. Our training routines focus on development that turns ordinary students into extraordinary athletes……..sometimes it is that little extra that makes all the difference in moving onto greater things on the diamond as well as a work ethic developed off the field.

At TZAcademy, we will provide you a blueprint for future success. And now with our expanded services……including our large collegiate and professional baseball coaching referrals……we can feel confident that we have exactly what it takes to become the best you can become. Our large associate programs, with some of the leading teachers and trainers in the country, are another avenue of referral that we can provide to you. When it comes to baseball, there is not one thing that cannot be provided for you.

Come see for yourselves what we can offer you in baseball training. I believe you are going to be very happy with what we can provide for your child. Ultimately, that is what we want and do best at. Allowing your child the best opportunity to become the best they can be.

Until next time……..