February 2019 Newsletter

I HATE the New England Patriots……
I hate ‘em, I hate ‘em, I hate ‘em….
Sort of

Another Super Bowl has finished and AGAIN the New England Patriots have won.  It is a broken record and I can only hope for next season that someone knocks them off.

As a lifelong Cowboys fan who enjoyed their late 90’s run of 3 consecutive SB wins, I get why Pat fans will gloat until their last dying breath.  It was a great time in my life.

As a lifelong Los Angeles native, I have been a Laker’s fan who openly rooted against the Boston Celtics during the 80’s and ever since.  I can’t stand Boston sports teams.

Their fans are obnoxious…..they HATE everything about Los Angeles team though for some strange reason they always move out here.

If you go to any Los Angeles sporting event the obnoxious Boston fans show up in masse and outnumber Los Angeles fans by a lot.  Not even close.

Most Los Angeles fans will always hate Boston sports teams…such as the Patriots.  Especially since they beat our local Rams – though beat would be an understatement.  Bill Belichick thoroughly destroyed any hope of a Rams win further establishing himself as the greatest coach to ever be on a NFL sideline……no question.

And for this reason, there is much to respect about how Belichick, Brady and the Patriots organization goes about being at the top of their profession.

As much as it pains me, there are lessons to be learned from New England sports teams and how to duplicate a winning organization into success on the ball field.

Tom Brady Has A Proven System to Being the Best In His Field!
You Could Too!

Tom Brady is a medical marvel who at 41 years old continues to prove himself over and over.  The training that TB puts himself through is second to none.

His personal trainer, Alex Guerrero, continues to find new ways to keep TB in shape at an age where players are far removed from the game and getting their Hall of Fame ring to shine for their retirement years.

TB has continued to say that he will play until he is 45……Boston fans say a novena every day that he can……but what is it that allows a man to play at the top of his profession year in and year out?

His work ethic is legendary.  There have been doubters going all the way back to his days as a little known, unrecruited high school quarterback.  He has used all the naysayers comments as fuel to continually push himself.

If you ever want to see what a picture of TB in his underwear at the NFL scouting combine and have a good chuckle, then Google it.  He looks like a ball boy.  There is nothing in that picture that screams 6-time Super Bowl champion.  Nothing….

However, he continually looks for ways to improve his body and his mind.  TB even has his own nutritional line – TB12 – which is a certain amount of foods, supplements, and Lord knows what else into his body to reach peak performance.

TB could take the easier way out and just cruise along for a few more years but his drive to be the best is something that every ballplayer could learn a lesson or two.

We constantly have players come in for workouts without eating anything since breakfast time.  During workouts the constant checking of the phone is commonplace.  Players not giving themselves the right amount of time to get prepared to throw and then going out on the field unprepared is a constant in the game.

Players can learn that there is a time and place for everything.  There is only one opportunity – in many cases – to prove yourself to your current coaches…future coaches….future employers.  Why not do that now while you still have the opportunity?

Then never look back and wonder What If.  The world is full of What If’s but I can tell you that Tom Brady won’t have to.

And for that I respect the man so much……and despise him for doing nothing but win all the time.  That is the non-Boston fan in me but from a human standpoint he is everything that people should strive for in life.

It is much more than the championships.  It is his way of life that anyone of us can have for ourselves if only we put our minds to it.

He certainly helps shape mine in a small way on how to go about life.  I’ve won ‘Superbowls’ by having my wife and 3 children in my life.  I work hard to nourish those ‘trophies’.

Certainly our players can do the same in their lives with guidance from all of us so they live to be at the top of their game.

Congratulations Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots…….now, give it a rest so that the rest of us can enjoy our teams reach the pinnacle of their professions!

Until next time…..


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