January 2014 Newsletter

What’s Your Motivation and How Sitting in an Airport Can Motivate You to Act

The alarm went off at 6:30am CST. My son and I needed to get up and dressed in time to give a workout to the son of our weekend’s host family…..as well as get to the airport by 8:15am in order to head home on our scheduled 9:45am flight to Los Angeles. Our arrival time in Los Angeles was to be 12:15pm PST. We arrived at Nashville International Airport on time, got our boarding passes, screened by TSA and walked over to the departure board to view our gate number.

This year for Christmas I decided to take my 2 sons to see their first NFL game. As our home city does not have a team, I took my oldest son, Ryan, to see our beloved Dallas Cowboys play at home vs. Green Bay two weekends ago. We had no problems, enjoyed the city’s sights and other than the result of the game and the subsequent end of the season game, we had a wonderful time.

My other son, Josh, has been a Tennessee Titans fan since they first moved from Houston to Nashville. His very first travel baseball team was the Titans so he decided he loved the NFL Titans. Too bad our team wasn’t the Chargers…..it would have been a quicker trip.

But I was happy to travel and enjoy the cities and games with my sons for what was some terrific bonding time. Nashville was particularly eventful as the downtown area is dynamic and full energy with great food, live country music and lively guests in town for the Music City Bowl Game. It was considerably more dynamic than the Titans vs. the Houston Texans game.

With traveling these days, there are times the inevitable flight delays occur. I was ‘fortunate’ enough to experience one of these delays at the Nashville airport with an unnamed airline (however, they do allow 2 bags to fly free). It wasn’t just a little delay but a 6 hour ‘What am I going to do with all my time?’ delay.

After the initial shock of our delay, I purposely decided to have a different outlook on the situation and attempt to muster up whatever PMA – positive mental attitude – I could find. I knew that my son was upset as he wanted to get back home but, for me, getting upset was not going to change the fact that we had a long wait and the airline was doing everything possible to get people to Los Angeles. Thank goodness I thought ahead on my outlook and what I could do to make a brutal situation as productive and useful as I could. As fate would have it, they announced a few hours later a 3:30pm departure.

Procrastination Tends to Get You Nowhere

After walking around for a little bit to view the terminal shops, listen to some live country music……struggling country musicians will play ANYWHERE in this city…..scanning the news and seeing who followed / hacked into my Twitter account, I finally decided to do some video work of students from my camp, do some follow up emailing and write up training programs for 2014.

I realized that the problem with all of this time needed to be spent on this work was that if I was at home there is no way any of it would get done in a timely manner whether it would have been completed today, tomorrow or by the next weekend. There was a lot of work to do and I had put it off for too long. Initially the work was daunting. However, when you have to wait for long periods of time like we did, you can’t help but think of productive things to do. I had procrastinated too much and for too long. But with all of the down time in the terminal and then subsequent flight. I got almost everything completed and in this work I learned my own life lesson for the day.

If something is important enough to you then it should not matter if you have down time sitting around for a plane to take you home. Why put off things that need to be done today? Why is Facebook and Twitter viewing so important to me? Why is video games a replacement for playing outside? Why not do things like read a book, take swings in the cage and play catch with our child instead of watching another television show? I realized that I was misaligned in what is important to me and how I go about getting things done in life.

As a show of my own seriousness to my thought process, I have eliminated meaningless TV shows on my DVR for the year to start things off. Two books I have been looking for are now in place on my pile to be read for a period of time each day. This newsletter is being sent out in time….not two weeks late. My resolutions are starting off on the right track.

This Is Our New Year’s Resolution To You

As every new year comes, we see more people at the gym….more people jogging….more people at church…..then everything drops off by mid-February.

Instead of making a yearly goal to do all the things we want to do, let’s make a resolve to make our goals for 14 days at a time. For me, I am setting daily goals for myself working with my family, life and business. For you the parent, resolve to take your baseball playing child out to throw today and resolve to go out everyday…..even for 5 minutes….to throw and continue to develop their skill level. In turn, let us help them out as well. Our expertise and experience will help with your resolve.

Our resolution to you will be that this 2014-Year we will be providing you the best information and teaching that we possibly know to improve your child’s baseball development. Each week’s class will be our resolution to you. Contact us today to reserve a spot in one of our classes. We promise to motivate your child to become the best player they can be……every week throughout the year.

All the blessings for a wonderful 2014!

Until next time….