Jim Wagner’s ThrowZone Academy Holiday Training and Pitching Camp

We are pleased to announce our first annual ThrowZone Holiday Training and Pitching Camp for those baseball players who are serious about taking their training, conditioning and throwing development to the next level.

The highly successful camp type is based upon our summer conditioning and throwing program. It will feature both throwing and pitching conditioning involving all of our summer lifting, agility and explosiveness workout as well as our throwing measurement with radar readings for immediate feedback on strength and throwing velocity. The camp will also involve a mental training and mindset pre-workout before our conditioning that includes videos, worksheets, and breathing techniques.


This camp will also include several of our Professional and Collegiate players who will also be there to teach and work with each student. As of now, we are looking at players with 4 different Major League organizations as well as several different D1 colleges. This portion of the camp will be dedicated to talking to the players about what it takes to reach the highest levels of baseball and what their training techniques are currently in the off-season as well as their in-season routines. This portion of the camp is what separates our camp from the other run of the mill camps. The players get to be taught and to interact with those highly successful players who are at the level where they want to be someday.

The dates for this camp will be:

Thursday, December 26th – Friday, December 27thTuesday, December 31st

Thursday, January 2nd – Friday, January 3rd.

Camp will be held from 10am – 12:45pm.

The camp will ONLY be available to 14 TOTAL students.

The camp cost is as follows:

$175 for all 5 days

$95 for 2 days

$55 for 1 day

Camp cost will include a ThrowZone camp shirt, as well as a detailed video analysis with a written report and the video emailed to your email address.

Contact Jim via email at [email protected] or at (661) 664-2147.

The spring season will be here within the next 6 weeks, however the off season never ends. Sign up today to register for this successful training camp at Southern California’s top baseball only training facility.