Longtime ThrowZone Academy Student Trevor Bauer is Featured in Sports Illustrated

This is a good read…The story really explains his personality and all the ‘stuff’ he dealt with growing up. Bullying is never acceptable and has no place in our society. Sometimes the bullied child grows up to provide good in the world…sometimes they turn out poorly and affect lives tragically. And there is an in-between ‘place’. Hopefully our children can learn to be accepting of their classmates and friends whose differences are unlike our own. Fortunately for Trevor he has been a positive role model for young players who have a dream to play in MLB. Despite the off the field stuff, he has been a role model for players here in Santa Clarita…if only allowing for the non-All Star kid who always gets picked near the end of the draft, or doesn’t play pitcher, shortstop or bats at the end of the lineup on their travel team, to dream big!

Trevor Bauer Is More Concerned With Being Right Than Being Liked

He’s the ultimate self-made star: an average (if that) athlete who leveraged a sharp baseball intellect and obsession with data into a Cy Young candidacy. He knows a whole lot more than the rest of us. So why does he act like he wants us to despise him?  Read the entire article here:
Story by Ben Reiter