October 2014 Newsletter

If I Had Only Listened To My Dad I Wouldn’t Be In This Mess

One of my worst childhood memories…..and more specifically when I was around 18 years old and seemingly the smartest person in the room……was when I figured that I was going to save some money on an oil change and just go buy a oil filter and 5 bottles of 10-40 motor oil at the local automotive store. My dad had given me the money to go get the work done by the same person who always took care of our vehicles. It seemed easy enough as an oil change cost approximately $15 but the price of a filter and the oil itself came out to about $7. That was going to be the easiest $8 I would ever make……maybe go to the movies and get my HS girlfriend a nice rose. I was the smartest person around.

I went to an open dirt lot….crawled under the engine block and proceeded to take the filter off. Little did I realize that oil would be spewing all over the place. I put the filter back on and went and got a trash can that was about 100 feet away. Then the filter came off and the oil spewed into the can…..as well as all over me. It was a disgusting mess but I got all the oil out.

My next task was to get the new filter out and put it on the engine…..of which I did. Seemed easy enough. I tightened up the filter, got up off the ground and then put the 5 quarts of oil into the top of the engine. After I screwed in the oil cap to the top of the engine, I stood and look at the job I did…..the hood up and a guy just filthy dirty from working on that engine is such an Old Spice type of moment…..and smiled as I got the job done. I closed the hood, tried to get some of the oil off of me and then proceeded to drive away with the job done. And I made a 50% profit on the deal. Life was good.

Have You Ever Felt Like the Dumbest Person in the Room Before?

Two days after my manly work on my truck, I started to see the engine light flick while driving over the 405 freeway heading into Westwood with my friends. It came and went and really didn’t think much of it………..until the next day when a HUGE billow of smoke and a clanking started rumbling through the truck. Needless to say there was a problem……….and to make a long story short, the engine had blown up.

When I took the vehicle to a mechanic, he asked who had changed the oil on my car. I said I did and he started laughing. He said…and I quote: “I am a mechanic who does the stuff all the time. Why would someone like you do the job that a professional does 10 times a day. Would you take your truck to a brake shop to get the oil changed? No, you take it to a place that changes oil all the time. You are better off spending a few bucks more to have him do it then for you to do it yourself.” As it turned out the little rubber gasket ring on the old filter stayed attached to the engine block and so when the new one was put on it did not seal properly thus all the oil leaked out.

The cost of a new engine was approximately $2500. So doing the math I lost about $2492 on the deal.

Why See a Dermatologist When You Break Your Arm

It is a common theme to tell people that anyone can teach your child how to throw and / or pitch a baseball because they ‘played’ the game at the youth, HS and college level. In many cases, this is like saying that I have flown on a plane a number of times in my life, so it qualifies me to pilot the plane to our next destination. Doesn’t make much sense.

In marketing, it is a known theme that you want to become an expert in one area of your business. Whenever a business starts to involve themselves in multiple areas of ‘commerce’ it becomes the kiss of business death. Marketing professionals always told me to become the BEST in the world of pitching and throwing. To date, there is no doubt we do a better job at keeping kid’s arm healthy with greater velocity and control then anyone else in Southern California.

It is the reason why our nightly advanced class has players from our own Santa Clarita Valley but also, Thousand Oaks, Culver City, Palmdale, Los Angeles, throughout the San Fernando Valley and beginning in a week 4 players from Camarillo. That is around a 40 minute drive without any traffic…..which means they will drive for over an hour several times a week to work with us.

You work hard to provide for your child in their area of interest. The battle to race across town for a lesson is always interesting at a minimum. There are games to go to and battles to be won on the field. But we end of going to ‘battle’ with a cap gun instead of a cache of tanks, howitzers and Patriot missiles. When you come to ThrowZone you are provided with EVERYTHING you will need to succeed at the level you play at now and in the future.

Besides our top of the line video analysis, arm care equipment and decades of experience either with our professional, collegiate or HS players, both Warren Bauer and myself have sons who have played the game at a very high level…….of course, Warren’s son, Trevor, at the ultimate level…..but we know what it takes for your baseball playing child to be healthy and compete at a high level. We have gotten our ‘doctorate’ in the pitching business because it is the ONLY thing we focus on. There have been literally thousands of clients we have seen and worked with over the past 14 years. Their stories are very similar to yours……we know your challenges and know what you need to do to move onto the next level.

Onto a couple of ThrowZone things, please be on the lookout for information about our Coaching Clinic with nationally known coach, Ron Wolforth, from the Texas Baseball Ranch on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 5pm. It is open to all coaches and parents. The sign-up sheet is attached below or feel free to call Coach Jim.

And lastly, I wanted to share with you a beautiful statement about parenting and baseball. The mom who posted on Instagram has a wonderful sense of how to go about the right way in dealing with her children whom both play baseball. I would like to thank her for the posting:

Your child’s success, or lack of success in sports, does not indicate what kind of parent you are. But, having an athlete that is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and tries their best IS a direct reflection of your parenting.

Have a wonderful October and beginning of the Fall season. After the scorching weather this weekend it feel more like we are in June/July time of year but it is baseball season for many so enjoy the warm weather while we can.

Until next time……