Tip Of The Week

We talk a lot about the importance of preparing the arm to throw before a practice or game.  It is vital in order to protect our arm and be able to recover even better after our outing.

However, there are other areas that are vitally important such as nutrition, staying hydrated and sleep.

In this day and age of running from school to the house and rushing over to the baseball field, we sometimes forget about getting food into our body in order to function at a high level on the ball field.

There are many times players either forget to eat or even worse, eat ‘bad’ food to satisfy their hunger.  This would be eating chips or having a soda.  We need to realize that we need to fuel our ‘engine’ similar to putting high octane gasoline into our high performance car.  A Ferrari doesn’t operate very well on 87 octane gas and for ourselves eating a simple bowl of cereal will not allow our ‘engine’ to perform very well.

As I am not anywhere close to being a nutritionist, I do know that getting protein into your body is a way to nourish our body in a positive manner.  Eating turkey slices along with a spoonful of peanut butter is a great way to have a quick meal into our body if you do not have to time to sit down and have a nourishing meal at the dinner table.  Any time you can get a form of protein, carbohydrates and fat into your body you are doing yourself a great service in order to be at your peak.

You can find find out quick nutritional meals on the go by searching online.  Pre-packing a meal on the way to the field is a great way to get a head start before a game.

Fueling your body is an area that many are likely to underestimate the importance of in player development.  You must be nourished properly to perform at your best.  Planning your meal ahead of time is as important as packing your bag with all of your equipment.  It is an area that will provide amazing results for you.

Until next time…..