Tip of the Week

Rotation of the back leg into front leg landing is vital to creating energy up the ‘chain’ and increasing power and strength.  This translates to increased velocity and rotational spin on a pitch thrown.

You will find most high level pitchers at the MLB level have their back knee/leg rotated inward toward the front leg landed at foot strike.  Unfortunately, at lower levels including college and high school, the back leg does not play enough of an important part to create energy into the release of the ball.

Here is great tip for younger players who both pitch and hit:

Hit a ball off a batting tee and practice rotating your back leg into the whip-like action of the bat through the hitting zone.  Trying to create this feel will help you to match that of throwing a baseball.  It is a form of the old term “Cross Training”.

Swing a bat and focusing on driving your back leg down and in and creating separation between your hips and shoulders can in fact help you carry over to throwing a baseball.  It is a different way to train back leg rotation all the while working on your hitting.

You can go back and forth between hitting off the tee and then pitching into a net.  Feeling the rotation of the back leg in both activities will carry over to the mound and hopefully improve the back leg rotation in both pitching and hitting.

It is not an easy task to train the hips to rotate but once a player does this the sky is the limit with creating fastball velocity.

Until next time……