Tip Of The Week

Taking care of a player’s body, especially the throwing arm, is critical to success in health and staying on the field for a long period of time.
We suggest that you get a good size bag for your regular equipment as well as specific arm care equipment.
Some of the most important items a ballplayer can carry with them at all times would include the following:
*Bands – J-Bands or Oates Specialties tubing
*Mini-Bands – 1/4 to 1/2 loop band for rotator cuff warm ups
*Wrist weights
*2lb. ploy care ball
Spending as little as 10 minutes before practice or games can get your throwing arm, as well as your entire upper body, ready for the rigors of continuous throwing.  It will also help assure that you are prepared particularly in cold weather.
Just as a hitter would have a weight for their bat, elbow and / or shin guard and batting gloves, the game has evolved to the point where pitchers – and all throwers – should have equipment to warm up before throwing.
The game has changed and people who work with players for a living must make sure that players and parents understand what is necessary to ensure long term health.
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