Tip Of The Week

Rain, Rain, Go Away
With the record rainfall that Southern California has received over the past month – and not including all the cold temperatures and snow fall across the country – it is a time for arms to be strengthened.  However, the inconsistency of getting outside and throwing every day can lead to possible shoulder/elbow soreness.
Worse yet, your team’s schedule is set up so the games will have to go on.  Many times this are make up games along with the regular schedule and this leads to multiple games in a short period of time.  Pitchers are needed to pitch.  In times of poor weather and inconsistent throwing, arm injuries are bond to rear its ugly side.  No throwing…..lots of games in a short period of time…..equals sore arms over the next couple of months.
Here is a great tip with a player needing to make a $30 investment to keep their arm in consistent throwing mode:
Purchase a Baseball Training Sock from Oates Specialties and allow yourself to throw as much as you want indoors – particularly if you don’t have access to an indoor facility such as Throwzone Academy.
The Training Sock is a device that any thrower can put on their throwing arm and mimic the throwing motion with all the benefits of getting your arm in great throwing shape.  Players at our facility utilize the Training Sock everyday in their throwing and is used by players at home who just can’t get outside for whatever reason.
The Training Sock is the perfect compliment to using your J-Bands at home then throwing into the Sock.
You can go to our website at www.throwzone.com and click on the Shop page then click on the TAP Conditioning banner for Oates Specialties who make the Baseball Training Sock.  Search under Training Sock on their page and you can have it shipped to your home as quickly as you want.  I promise you that you will not be disappointed…..plus you will use it for years to come.
Until next time…..