Tip of the Week

The best way to deal with a sore arm is not to stop throwing but to actually throw short distances every other day to help increase blood flow and movement into the shoulder/biceps/elbow area.

After the first few weeks of the season, it is not uncommon to have a sore arm.  Generally it is either a ‘dead’ arm – the arm just doesn’t seem to have any life in it – or a sore shoulder.  Also, forearm and bicep muscles get fatigued.   The best I can equate this to adults is if you go to the gym and lift heavy or do a lot of strength training work…..more than you have done in the past…..then the body is just overall tired.  It is the body’s signal to the brain that the muscles are taxed and it can’t really do much more.  It is the same with a young players arm health.

However, instead of doing nothing and resting, the best remedy is to continue to play light catch and to get the arm loose.  Using J-Bands is an important process here as you need to get loose to throw.  The arm will respond in a good way if you allow it to ‘work’ through the soreness and ‘dead’ arm phase.

Marathon runners are told to go out for a 2 mile jog the day after a race.  If you have ever raced in a long distance event then you know that your body is usually very tired and sore the next day.  By going out for a light 2 mile jog then you are getting blood flow into the areas of soreness and allowing the body to rid itself of the tired and soreness of the muscles by flushing out the ‘old and putting in the new’ blood to the affected areas.

The throwing arm operates the same way.

By going through an extensive warm up routine – and learning a tried and true modality of arm care health here at Throwzone Academy – and playing some light catch, the process of getting your arm back into good health and shape will speed up as opposed to sitting around and doing nothing.  Hospitals do it with patients who have had surgery.  After surgery and later in the day, they are up and walking around because the medical community understands that the body will repair itself more quickly than the days of laying in bed for days and days.

Throwing and throwing and throwing will help your arm health for the long run.  It is time to get off the couch…put the video game controller away…..and get the blood flowing back to a healthy arm.  Your body will thank you for it!

Until next time…..