Tip of the Week

With the rainy season still amongst us, here is a good tip to follow while you ‘start’ back up with games.

Throw the baseball right down the middle of the plate…….Sounds easy enough.

However, it is amazing how many pitches that are called that the catcher squats far off the plate or sets his glove up inside on hitters.  This would be ideal if a pitcher has been pitching in games over the last month but that has not been the case in sunny Southern California.

Make strike throwing more easy for pitchers – Throw it right down the middle!  Forget about where your catcher sets up.  If a batter hits it then they hit it.  Even the best hitters get out 6-7 times out of every 10 at bats so it makes sense to see if they can hit it and get on base.

Once your season has more consistency of games and we don’t have to worry about the incessant rainouts, then you can start to be more fine with our pitch locations.

But until then, let’s throw as many strikes down the middle as we can.  You and your team will be happy that you did!

Until next time….