2 extra spots are available for our Summer Throwing Velocity and Strengthening Camp that will begin on Monday, June 16

With some inevitable last minute changes we have come up with 2 extra spots that are available for our Summer Throwing Velocity and Strengthening Camp that will begin on Monday, June 16. There is an opening at the 10am class and an opening at the 12:45p class.

Attached you will find out the information regarding the camp. If you are interested please contact me as soon as you can and I will get the remaining information to you.

It promises to be a tremendous camp that will run throughout the summer. Development is the biggest part of baseball and that is exactly what we do at ThrowZone.

Wishing you a tremendous weekend of family and of course baseball games!

Jim Wagner

2014 Summer Camp Announcement

Jim Wagner’s ThrowZone Academy is pleased to announce our annual summer conditioning and velocity improvement class.

The class is going to be our 8th Annual Summer strength, conditioning, and throwing program that will incorporate baseball strength training as well as arm care and velocity enhancement. The goal of this summer program will be to further aid the explosive nature of throwing and hitting a baseball through our core and leg strength conditioning systems that is not found anywhere in Southern California.

This camp is tailored to exactly how workouts and weekend clinics are run at the nationally known Texas Baseball Ranch in Houston, TX, The Armory Power Pitching Academy in Bradenton, FL and Driveline Baseball in Seattle, WA.

This 3X / week, 2.5 hour / day workout will utilize medicine balls, ropes, chains, box jumps, weighted sprints for explosive baseball training. At the end of the sessions, arm care, band work and a weighted ball throwing routine will be tailored to the individual needs of the player. We will be measuring and recording all reps and mph that will be charted and a staple of the class.

As an addition to this year, we will be conducting an assessment and functional movement screen on the 1st day which will help us determine a more precise area of constraints and flexibility concerns to further address areas of strength and weaknesses. Before we put a player through our demanding workout, we want them to know precisely where their areas of need are and what we can do to improve.

Our class have worked as a perfect compliment to the high school and all-star teams practice and game schedules that they have. Many of our students have stated how much more prepared they have felt before their summer games and to help lead them into the beginning of their school practice sessions for the following school year.

As we did last year, we will hold 2 classes each day. First class will be begin at 10am and second class will begin at 12:45pm.

Dates: 1st Session: June 16 to July 10
2nd Session: July 14 to August 7

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Time: 1st class: 10 am – 12:30p
2nd class: 12:45p – 3:15p

This year’s training classes will be held indoors at the ThrowZone pitching facility.

Cost for the class is as follows:

6 sessions (2 weeks): $200
9 sessions (3 weeks): $290
12 sessions: $370
as a bonus if you pay for 12 sessions you will get the final week for FREE!

Siblings get a 25% discount off the class cost.

Due to the individual nature of the program, we will offering ONLY 10 spots per class for participation. There will be no exceptions this year. The first clients to contact me and will be allowed to be part of our class. I have been given 7 verbal confirmations at this writing. A $100 deposit will be required by May 15.

More specific information will follow once registering is completed. The registration will be contacting me via email reply or phone call.

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