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2020 Coaches Clinic

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For the 10th year in a row nationally known Texas Baseball Ranch founder and owner,
Ron Wolforth, will be in Southern California for a one night only 3 hour coaching clinic
on Thursday, September 24th (5:30pm to 8:30pm) to be hosted and held at
Throwzone Academy in Santa Clarita, CA.

Coach Wolforth comes to Southern California only 1X / Year and he only does his
presentation in all of California with Throwzone Academy! This is a special opportunity
to learn from one of the greatest baseball minds in the world and certainly the best
pitching development coaches in the U.S.

Coach Wolforth's presentation will include live demonstrations, a detailed power point
presentation, pitching videos and analysis of today's top MLB pitchers and plus a Q &
A session with Coach Wolforth and some of Coach Wagner's pitchers. This will be an
evening of teaching, learning and presenting of new and innovative training and
implementing new protocols for your program and teams.

This clinic is available to all college, high school, travel ball, or if you are just a
parent concerned about your child’s throwing arm then we have a tremendous
evening for you!

Safety protocols will be in place for the evening. Throwzone Academy will be
sprayed that morning to clean and disinfect the entire facility. Everything from A
to Z is eliminated, including Covid-19. Temperatures will be taken......Hand
sanitizers will be available.....You may wear a mask during the presentation. We
will masks available if needed.

Here is a list of the coaches that will be speaking during the evening:

*Ron Wolforth - Why most people are getting underwhelming results from their

*Jonathan Massey - The Ranch’s Lead Instructor will speak about next level recovery
- the art and science of creating better bounce back and return to full functionality.

*Tyler Tompson - The Ranch algorithm on dealing with various degrees of arm
disconnect and when, where and how to integrate the athlete back into the normal
throwing program

* Garrett Wolforth - Cincinnati Reds catcher - Arm care isn’t just for pitchers - how to
make your throwing tool an asset in your ascension.

*Jim Wagner - Owner / Director of Player Training - Throwzone Academy - How to
integrate all your tools to your program’s throwing protocols.

Last year this clinic was attended by professional, collegiate, high school, and youth
coaches from all over Southern California. Space is limited to 20 participants. The
cost to attend this special evening is $74 per person and will include a light dinner of
sandwich, chips, drinks and dessert.

Register Now! Download the Registration Form HERE

Call 661-644-8814 or E-mail [email protected] for more information. Checks, credit cards, and Venmo accepted.