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2022 Holiday Training and Pitching Camp

2022 Throwzone Academy Holiday Training and Pitching Camp



We are pleased to announce our annual 11th annual Throwzone Academy Holiday Training and Pitching Camp for those baseball players who are serious about taking their training, conditioning and throwing development to the next level.


This training will be available for players 13 years old up to 22 years old.


This 6 day training is consistent with our summer conditioning and throwing program.   It will feature both throwing and pitching conditioning involving all of our summer lifting, agility and explosiveness workout as well as our throwing measurement with radar readings for immediate feedback on strength and throwing velocity.  The camp will also involve a mental training and mindset pre-workout before our conditioning that includes videos, worksheets, and breathing techniques.


The class schedule will consist of the following activities for each day:


*Mindset video and relaxation drills to start our day right.

*Dynamic stretch and agility conditioning

*Explosive activity conditioning that will focus on training the core and lower half

*Med-ball core strengthening

*Arm Care

*Deceleration and pronation stations

*Weighted ball protocols

*Mound work with mechanical assessments each day

*Post Arm conditioning

*Mobility banding, cupping and Marc Pro stimulation


Our day will begin with a mental mind set that will focus on breathing and relaxation techniques to help ease the player’s hurried minds into deep focus of our day’s work.


After our workouts there will be many different post arm protocols available for each player including MarcPro, cupping, band work coupled with Theragun units and other massager equipment.


The dates for this camp will be:


Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday  December 19, 20 and 22nd.


Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday - December 26, December 27 and December 29th.  



Times:  10am – 12:30p



The camp will ONLY be available to 16 TOTAL students. At this time of the writing there are already 5 players registered!  It will be first come, first serve…


The camp cost is as follows:


$274 for all 6 days

$169 for 3 days


Camp cost will also include a video analysis.  


A $75 deposit holds your spot. As of this writing I have had 6 players contact me about holding their spot.  


You can contact Jim via email at [email protected], or at (661) 644-2147.


Payment can be made either by Venmo, Zelle (search under @throwzone and name is listed as James Wagner….last 4 numbers of cell are 2147) Zelle (661-644-2147) and, of course, credit, check and cash. 


The spring season…..however that will work this year…. will be here within the next couple of months of our camp end BUT the off season never ends.  


Our camps are tailored to fit the needs that players are expected to have once they report back to their respective schools or universities.  The Throwzone Academy camps have held our holiday season camp for the past 10 years knowing exactly what players need to work on during the holiday season.  As much as it appears that downtime is needed, the exact opposite is true.  


Once the holidays are over, the player who comes back to the team in the best shape is the one whose chance of a starting position is more great than anyone else.  This is one of the top reasons for getting a head start……or just maintaining your competitive edge….for the spring season!


Sign up today to register for this successful training camp at Southern California's top baseball only training facility.  


We look forward to seeing you or your son for the holidays!