December Newsletter

A Path Chosen and the Detours Along the Way

Over the course of my business / career life I have had the distinction of probably having more careers and jobs than anyone I know. My kids will joke with me about how could I have possibly worked at so many places? They didn’t know there were that many jobs in their world. In fact, in some ways I am not necessarily proud that I didn’t work for a single company my entire life where maybe I would be several years away from possible retirement and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

You see when I was growing up there was nothing else in life I wanted to do more then to become a professional baseball player. This is not an uncommon theme for young players as they play a sport that they love and envision themselves being on television playing…..making big bucks…..getting the pretty girl and then riding off to their own personal Camelot. For me, this was how life was supposed to turn out. But God had a much different route for me to be part of the game of baseball.

In high school I had a very good playing career. I figured that it would just continue on this projective slope as it had done my whole life. However, by the time I started my baseball career at the University of Arizona (Bear Down!) there were other interests outside of the all consuming day of class, practice, weight room, running, studying and then start over again the next day. Before I knew it, I was passed up by stud pitchers from the team who were more talented. I didn’t do the little things that could be the difference between just playing and sitting.

After college….and my aspirations of a baseball career gone….I got into the entertainment business as I majored in TV-Film career. I grew disenchanted with it. Then onto law enforcement where I again I grew disenchanted. Then odd jobs just to feed and provide for my children. You see that I had an obvious lack of direction in my career life and for me also stemmed from not doing the little things.

Why Small Things Can Be a Matter of Life or Death

If there is one of the significant moments in my life that might summarize the above title it was my days in the police academy and specifically a day on the firing range.

Our training officer explained to us that while shooting at a target if we moved the nose of the barrel the whole width of a dime, it could be the difference between hitting the 10 ring (police term for suspect down) to hitting the 5 ring (police term for missing the target completely and picking off a young child a quarter of a mile down the street). That small of a difference could mean getting your suspect or hitting an innocent bystander. That analogy has always stuck with me when applying to baseball training or mechanical efficiency.

If you do not set your sights correctly, you may completely miss the target. The difference between a strike and a ball could be the small difference of less than an inch of release point for a pitcher. The difference between a baseball hit over the fence or popped up in the infield is even less than that.

And that small thing of going the extra mile in your workouts…..and doing the work when you really don’t want to do it……could be the difference between making the HS team or not…..playing in college or finishing in HS…..playing professionally or finishing in college.

How the Little Things Could Make a Big Difference in Your Child’s Life

My middle child is in his final year of amateur eligibility at a D1 university playing in a prestigious baseball conference. It has been his goal that he wanted to be a starter in HS, receive a baseball scholarship and play in college and then professionally. He has accomplished 3 of the 4 goals he has worked towards. My son and I (as a team) have made sure that all the small things are being done to assure his career continues after this upcoming season. Whether that happens or not is God’s plan not ours, however I can honestly say that I have never met anyone who has done more work on his part (not relying on his talents) than my son has to this point. Every coach he has had has told me the same thing……no one works more hard than him.

But the point to this is that the small things matter, whether in sports or life. Spouses are most happy and appreciative with each other when the small things are taken into consideration. Bosses are satisfied with their employees when they take care of things that they don’t have to do themselves.

Spring baseball season is upon us. Take care of the little things now in order to have your success during the season.

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