Driveline Baseball and Throwzone Academy announce March Seminar!

Jim Wagner’s ThrowZone Academy is excited to announce our first strength / pitching / throwing seminar of the year with nationally known speaker, Kyle Boddy of Driveline Baseball ( . This seminar which will be on Saturday, March 9, 2013 beginning at 1pm.

The seminar will be open to all baseball players, their families, coaches and their teams and will be held at Velocity Sports Performance Academy in Valencia ( This announcement will be sent out to over a thousand families as well as through social media so we expect to sell-out in the first wee. Due to the initial demand for reservations there will be only 35 total registrants that will be able to participate in this clinic and hands-on seminar that will include the following topics:

Seminar Topics

What are pitching mechanics, and how do we measure them?
How to improve mechanics and monitor them
Hands-on vs. Natural Selection
Increasing velocity – mechanics vs. training
Concentric vs. Eccentric training with weighted baseballs and wrist weights
Safe and effective training in the weight room
Strength: The missing link in most training programs
The importance of nutrition: Protein intake, supplementation, and the facts
Post-throwing recovery and management – post-pitching training
Windows of adaptation – figuring out how to maximize training time

These topics as well as dealing with arm strength, pitch counts, coaching the pitcher and goals for them will be discussed. An open forum discussion will be included at the end of the seminar to ask questions of the entire coaching staff. The seminar will be in 2 parts with the first part covering seminar topics and the second half including the hands-on portion.

The cost of the seminar is $49 for the entire family. If your team of at least 5 players signs up then the cost is $39. The registration fee also includes lunch.

Registration can be made either through ThrowZone via email ([email protected]) or phone call (661-644-8814), or at Velocity Sports (661-294-4000).

For more questions contact Jim at either 661-644-2147 or 661-644-8814