Elite Pitcher’s Bootcamp with Ron Wolforth

2012 Elite Pitcher’s Bootcamp Announcement

 Guess who’s back…………………

 The nation’s best pitching and throwing instructor is coming to Southern California and……….the country’s best pitcher’s bootcamp is coming too!!!!!!

 Here are your hints:

 What pitching instructor in the United States has generated 58 drafted pitchers since 2003? And 2 of those pitchers are currently MLB pitchers including a starter on the Oakland A’s. Two of his pitchers were drafted #3 and #4 overall in the 2011 MLB draft.

What training philosophy and system has produced 103 pitchers who have topped 90 mph, 1 who have topped 95+ mph and 7 who have topped 96 mph?

What pitching instructor is referred to as the ‘pioneer of objective measurement for pitchers’ and the ‘main architect in the national trend toward developing athleticism and degrees of freedom into the pitching athlete?

What man is routinely consulted by 5 ML baseball teams and college powerhouses Vanderbilt, Michigan, South Carolina and Washington with regards to their pitchers? Places who have used the system to develop Tim Lincecum and David Price among others!

15 year old Trevor Bauer went from 81 to 94 mph in 9 months under Coach’s system!

17 year old Jesus Mendoza went from 68 to 88 mph in 14 months under Coach’s system!

17 year old Blaize Allen went from 82 to 88 mph in 2 WEEKS!!!!!

21 year old Eric Bender went from 81 to 92 in 9 months!

 10 year old Zack Knoll went from 52 to 60 mph in 8 weeks!

For the 5th year in a row, Ron Wolforth’s Elite Pitchers Bootcamp (EPBC) is coming to Southern California . It is a first hand look on what the very best in baseball are doing in terms of training, throwing and pitching.

 Coach Wolforth and his team of experts will be hosting this boot camp on October 26-28, 2012 in Santa Clarita, CA. It is the only time of the year that he comes to the west coast to teach and develop pitchers who have a goal to pitch in high school, college and in professional baseball.

 In the past 2 baseball seasons, here are some of the pitchers that Coach Wolforth has worked with at his EPBC:


Sam Demel – Arizona Diamondbacks

Graham Godfrey – Oakland Athletics

Trevor Bauer – Arizona Diamondbacks

Minor Leagues

Cody Buckel – Texas Rangers (ThrowZone client)

Eric Binder – St. Louis Cardinals

Kevin Cravey – Florida Marlins

Jeremy Gould – New York Mets

2011 MLB Amateur Draft

Trevor Bauer (ThrowZone client) – #3 overall – Arizona D’Backs

Dylan Bundy – #4 overall – Baltimore Orioles

The best part of the camp was that the presentation was simple but outstanding. The motivation and confidence I received from the Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp was the best and the instruction is far beyond any other program that is out there. The camp is unlike any other in a positive manner. I will absolutely be there next year”

 Cody Buckel – 2nd round draft pick (2010) of Texas Rangers

 The environment that all of you create is very positive. I especially appreciate your emphasizing that development rather than winning games is essential. We enjoyed the physical exercises that were presented to us. They were all fantastic!! I would definitely come back next time. Thank you gentleman for everything!

Tim DeKay

(son, Jamis – 11)

Los Angeles, CA


This camp is not for everyone but for those who have a burning desire to reach those levels in pitching and throwing that a standard baseball program cannot offer you. The Elite Pitcher’s Bootcamp is specifically designed for the serious, dedicated and committed ballplayer who has a goal to move to the next level in baseball.

It is led by not one but by three renowned experts in the field of pitching. One is nationally known pitching and training expert from Houston, Texas – Ron Wolforth.

Ron is the most sought out pitching and throwing expert in the country and hundreds of students travel to Houston to train with him. The best NCAA baseball coaches constantly seek him out for guidance with their pitching staffs. MLB is now showing up to the Texas Baseball Ranch to pick the brain of Coach Wolforth’s training methodologies.

 He is considered by many as the premier trainer of pitchers in the world today.

Coach Wolforth operates the Texas Baseball Ranch in Houston, TX and has the most widely known pitching and throwing academy in the United States. His facility conducts pitching camps, coaches’ clinics and year-round training programs from youth players all the way to the professional pitcher.

 His specialty is developing velocity and explosiveness. At the 3 day event, Coach Wolforth will walk the attendees through how to use ropes, chains, ladders, hurdles, core balls, arm bands and a unique approach to long toss in ways you’ve NEVER seen before…….all developing each athlete’s innate athleticism and power.

 The best part of the Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp was that as a parent and coach I get so much inspiration from Ron for both my son and I. Chris loves the camp and loves to work hard. The hook ’em drills were helpful and the long toss work with Trevor was awesome. The presentation was very well done and a lot of time was obviously put into the weekend as it was run well. Job well done!!

Mike Murphy (son, Chris 13) – Granada Hills, CA

 And the last expert is Santa Clarita Valley’s own Jim Wagner who operates the Jim Wagner ThrowZone Academy and this past June had 3 baseball players chosen in the MLB amateur draft and has worked with countless professional, college, High School and youth level players from all over southern California.

 Here are a few more of the comments from past Boot Camp participants:

*I enjoyed everything about the camp. The presentations were very well presented…..the instructors were very knowledgeable and I would definitely consider coming back next year. This camp really works as after my first camp I have gained 6.5 mph’s after a couple of months.

This camp was excellent and has made a huge difference with my son. The best part of the program was teaching the players to believe they can improve so much more if they work hard and focus on their goals……

Tom Ekstrand and his son, Sheldon. – Simi Valley, CA

*The best part of the Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp was the drills my son learned. He also enjoyed the long toss and pitching methods. The entire weekend was very well organized. I will definitely be attending this camp next year.

David Gavin (son, Garrison) – Henderson, NV

*The part of the camp I enjoyed was the radical ideas – the ones that go against what we have been taught – that make sense logically. It is a new way to think. The overall weekend was presented well and the time was well utilized. My son is 9 years old and it’s no small feat keeping him focused which he was the entire time. The instructors had a great rapport with all the kids!

Tom Palmer (son, Buddy) – Toluca Lake, CA

Coach has:

-A 95 lb. eleven year old throwing 69.5 mph and 242 feet in long toss

-4 eighth graders throwing in the mid 80’s

-6 juniors in HS topping out at 95 mph

-A college sophomore throwing 98 mph

So his system works for every pitcher and ALL ages.

Here is a brief description of some of the things you can expect at this year’s camp:

*Mechanical efficiencies
* Control/Command

* Breaking Ball
* Velocity maintenance through the season
* Arm Care Routines
* Game Time warm ups, how to stay warm
* Strategy and how to keep hitters off balance

*Video presentations of pitching deliveries and they work for you
*  Most updated information and training done at the Texas Baseball Ranch

 BUT it Gets EVEN BETTER………..also teaching this year:

Marty Rubinoff is the lead trainer at the Texas Baseball Ranch and has been part of the Elite Pitcher’s (and Elite Hitter’s) Bootcamps for the past 2 years.

Coach Rubinoff comes from a national and collegiate background as he has served as a hitting instructor the the Australian National baseball programs as well as California State baseball champions, Riverside Community College. His training protocols fall directly in line with Coach Wolforth and his their desire to train baseball players as athletic and dynamic at their position. Coach Rubinoff’s vast expertise in identifying and instituting the best possible training methods with the Athletic Pitcher serves as his foundation in getting pitchers to be as explosive and healthy for the demands that the youth, high school, college and professional levels require……..


 And invited to this year’s camp as our special guest instructor and teacher is:

Trevor Bauer – Major League Baseball pitcher and the 2011 Golden Spikes Award winner out of UCLA who was drafted #3 overall in the 2011 June amateur draft and is a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Bauer was named the NCAA College Player of the Year by Collegiate Baseball as well as the National Freshman Pitcher of the Year in 2009 and was a 3 time All-American for the Bruins. He also pitched on the USA National team where he won a gold medal in 2009.

Trevor has been a student of Jim Wagner’s ThrowZone since he was 10 years old and has spent the past 3 summers living and training in Houston, TX with Coach Wolforth and Coach Rubinoff. Since that time Trevor has gone from 75 to 98 mph in his fastball velocity. Besides that he has developed one of the best curve balls and change-ups in the entire country that will possibly put him in the starting pitching rotation in the major leagues next season.

Trevor’s knowledge and his ability to convey what he has done to reach an elite level of pitching makes his appearance at this year’s bootcamp an invaluable resource to show players and their parents that if he can make the gains he has than it is possible for anyone to achieve the success that he has earned for himself.

All 3 of these extraordinary coaches and player will be in Southern California and, specifically, Santa Clarita in their ONLY California clinic for the entire year.

Still not convinced……..here is a comment from a the parent of a HS sophomore:

The best part of the Bootcamp was that it was done in a very professional manner and was put on by the best trainers and instructors. We only go to the best because we want the right instruction. The overall weekend went so fast because it was never boring. The players were always moving and learning. I am looking forward to next year’s presentation”

Brad Cross – Orange, CA (grandson, Aaron, has committed to 2012 National Champions University of Arizona)

This 3 day event is limited to the first 35 pitching athletes. Before this event was pronounced open to the public……..27 of those slots were already FILLED and GONE……..leaving only 8 registrations still available.

The regular cost for the bootcamp is $649.

However, if you register prior to September 25, you can get this incredible 3 day event for only $499.

After this date, the cost will go up to $599.