For Coaches! Texas Baseball Ranch Coaches Clinic October 15

The development of pitchers in baseball is multifaceted. There is physical training, mechanical work,

arm strengthening and numerous other areas that contribute to putting a pitcher in the best possible

position to succeed on the mound and to move further in their career.

For the HS and College coach, there are only so few hours in the day and week to work with pitchers.

How do you decide which is the best possibilities for your program? Do you just throw regular

bullpens 2X/week…..towel drills…..flat ground ‘pens?

And do you just send the pitchers out on long distance runs in order to keep their legs strong? Run foul

poles or sprints?

Long toss or 120’ throws?

Deciding how to best put all these factors together in 1 program is a tedious task. However,

TZAcademy has a special evening planned that will help you to answer all the questions you have

asked or wondered but were not sure on how to implement.

On Thursday, October 15, 2015, TZAcademy…..the leading pitching development academies on the

West Coast…….is bringing in the best to present an evening on Developing and Coaching the Baseball


Coach Ron Wolforth, nationally-known pitching developer to dozens of MLB pitchers as well as

thousands of minor league and collegiate players, is going to be presenting a 3 hour seminar in Santa

Clarita for the fourth year at our Coaching clinic which precedes our 8th Annual West Coast / Elite

Pitcher’s Boot Camp weekend presented by TZAcademy. The seminar will be from 5:30-8:30p at the

pitching home of TZAcademy (

Coach Wolforth, along with the team including Coaches Jill Wolforth, Flint Wallace and Jonathan

Massey, will be bringing the Texas Baseball Ranch ( to Santa Clarita

for an evening of learning and answers to the questions that universally are asked in the pitching


Past seasons has consisted of Pro, College and High School organizations that have learned facets of

the game that only Coach Wolforth can present. This past season Coach has been featured on

television on HBO Real Sports and 60 Minutes sports as well as featured in Sports Illustrated for the

2015 MLB Preview Issue. The Texas Baseball Ranch has hosted hundreds of 3 day Pitcher Bootcamps

as well as Coaching clinics and special seminars across the country teaching students and coaches alike

how to develop the elite pitcher and what it takes to move onto the next level, recovery better and to

stay healthy throughout the season.

This 3 hour evening will include both a seminar as well as Q & A period of all the coaches. It will take

place at the pitching home of TZAcademy. Due to the high demand of this event, there will only by 35

registrants that will be included in the evening. The entire cost for this evening is ONLY $59. There

will be no registration at the event so register now!

For questions or to register by phone, please contact us at 661-644-8814 or via email at

[email protected]