Get to know TZAcademy’s Strength and Performance Trainer

Strength and Performance Trainer, Chris Antariksa

Since 2013, Chris worked at Velocity Sports Performance where he has practiced applying science based research to his athletes in an effort to help them obtain sport specific, functional strength. He has worked with athletes in numerous sports from the professional ranks in baseball to the younger, amateur multi-sport athlete and strives to ensure that a specialized athlete is obtaining strength that translates directly to their sport.
Chris screens his athletes to better understand their physiological needs, then composes a comprehensive program aimed at giving the athletes a competitive advantage by improving their ability to get into healthy positions, helping them stabilize in good positions during movement, and building a high level of strength for the athlete to use in their sport.
Chris is excited to be part of the TZA Family. He resides in Valencia, CA with his dog, Cy.