Jim Wagner’s ThrowZone Academy Continues Facility Upgrades!!!!

Jim Wagner’s ThrowZone Academy has officially opened the doors to a brand new indoor baseball pitching and throwing facility in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The facility has new pitching mounds, state of the art high speed video recording cameras that will be located in different areas of the pitching tunnels, BRAND new T5 high output lighting fixtures, a training / warm-up area with tubing, bands, medicine balls and arm care stations for warm up and conditioning, new turf carpeting, two high-def big screen television monitors with the MLB Extra Innings package to watch every baseball game of the upcoming season, brand new leather sofas, a newly decorated and remodeled bathroom, a coffee, tea and water service, new sound system, heating and air conditioning units, plus many other future items.

Contact us today to learn more about the ThrowZone experience and how to improve your pitching, velocity and arm health………….all under the roof of our new training facility!!

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