June 2020 ENewsletter: Getting Things Done

My apologies for getting this month’s newsletter out late to you, but as the very worn and tired platitude goes, “I’ve been getting things done.” I have actually been doing some things that are apropos in regards to Throwzone.

The pandemic has really made properly structuring the necessary adjustments a tough task from how we’ve operated in the past. Something as simple as making sure people wash their hands has become a new normal, but this is the world we live in.

We are really trying to do our best.

But summer starts this month. And though it seems as if summertime and vacations began back around March 20th this year, it’s become our busiest time of the year. This year is no different.

The shutdown and stay-at-home orders from the County and the State took us by surprise. However, we were fortunate to be able to make decisions that helped out many people and shift how business was conducted here at Throwzone for over two months.

Now, the phones are busy ringing, and we’ve actually filled up almost all of our spots in both our weekly group classes and our summer training. (Don’t hesitate to call and find out more information about several spots opening up for our July training.)

A part of me says people really do miss baseball. Another part says families are tired of being cooped up inside for months at a time. The last part says the clock is ticking towards games being played again and not a moment too soon. Players are ready to go and so are we!

When players and their parents come in, we both express how grateful we are to continue our work in developing players. With the MLB draft finishing up this week, I know there are a few of our players who have either played against or were teammates with the new professionals getting ready to begin their career. It’s an exciting time for everyone, particularly those who just want to play at their local league and compete against their friends on other teams.

Then, when the game has ended, these friends just want to get food and drinks from the snack stand, talk about the game, and decide what time to meet up online for another round of MLB The Show video games.

This is what baseball is all about: the good times everyone has with one another whether it’s the players, parents, or coaches. As the owner of Throwzone Academy and the pitching coach at West Ranch High School, it’s more important to have connections with fellow players on the high school team than it is to win games.

Focusing on the process, not the results, is something we talk about all the time. Working with a player in the facility or on the field is all about enjoying the moment and working hard to get a percentage point better each and every day. If we do the work, the results will take care of themselves.

My good friend, Coach Ron Wolforth of the Texas Baseball Ranch, used to say that if in 5 years you got .03675% better each day, then you’ll be over 20% better than you were 5 years ago. Just by improving .03675% each day! I think that’s something everyone can say is very doable.

If you focus on the process and getting better each day, then the results will be there.    As you know from working with us, we see gains from players in our facility go UP all the time. Because when players come to Throwzone Academy, we know they’re there to work. And that’s what we expect out of our players.

What we hope for in all of our endeavors is to end up happy, healthy, and wise. We want that for ourselves, our loved ones, and especially our children. Baseball is such an amazing part of our very fabric of life, and it truly brings family and friends together.

If you watched the MLB draft, you could see the pure joy in the face of each player and all those special people around him when he heard his name spoken by the commissioner. That player is now part of Major League Baseball. His family, in all likelihood, started their son out as a very raw 5 or 6-year-old player, and now all the work they put in (PROCESS) becomes their dream come true (RESULTS). It really can be that simple.

So start your process today. Map out a plan, which also includes scheduled days OFF, and get to work!

Let’s make June a great month as we all get back into baseball practice and games very soon!

Until next time,


P.S. Be on the lookout for our July announcement regarding our annual SoCal/Texas Baseball Ranch weekend in September. We’re planning on the entire Ranch team visiting Santa Clarita Valley in a few months!!