June Newsletter 2013

Expectations and How NOT to Go About Business 5 Days After You Leave the Seminar This past week was a week of business training for myself. One of the joys that I get out of attending these training sessions is it involves my passion in life……baseball. I have more than enough people who state that I have a great job……of which I do. More than 1000 times have I sit back and marvel at how fortunate I am to do what I am doing. Believe me, it has not always been that way. A couple of years ago my boys and I were reminiscing about ‘our’ times together as a single dad raising 2 young boys and joking that I made terrible dinners, continually took them to Universal Studios lot (because I worked there at that time in life) because it was free, and splurged for Icees if I got a couple of extra bucks. It was not a great time financially in life but looking back the 3 of us had fun together.

But once I got involved in the pitching business I knew I had to take things serious and attended numerous seminars, camps and anything else I could do to learn the business.

What Not To Do When You Think You Have All Answers Which leads me to topic. It seems that whenever I had attended seminars regarding pitching or the business of running a pitching business I was so pumped up during the weekend. I knew that I wanted to run things a certain way. I knew that I wanted to do this and that marketing piece and I was going to conquer everything that the weekend presented itself……………and I did that…….. up until the day after I returned from the seminar………and forgot everything I was supposed to do by Friday of that week. And then it was back to the same old thing.

Sound familiar.

The problem is that life gets in the way. There are still bills to pay….there is still dog poop to pick up…..we still have to brush the pool clean…..you forgot to do something for your spouse before you left. The list goes on and on……..and for some of us on and on and on……welcome to the world. In the past, there were many great ideas and plans on the plane ride home. On Sunday, somewhere over the deserts of the southwest part of the country I was going to make a million dollars.

Once I got onto the freeway heading home my mind wandered. And somewhere between hitting my head on the pillow on Sunday night and waking up Monday morning those hopes and plans went right out the window. How many of us have had the same scenario happen? How many of our kids were fired up about learning from a Major League player over a weekend and then went back to the same old thing on Monday? It is life and many times it is what keeps us from growing into the person or business we inspire to be. Or it is what keeps are child mired in mediocrity instead of growing to becoming great.

The Solution

I was in Seattle and Houston this week. It was an important week for the business. And it was an important week for myself and my son who joined me for the first part of the week. No more hoping things work out. They are going to get better. It WILL be better for your son. It WILL be better for the business. And ultimately it WILL be better for all of you. We have our kids work out for ½ hour a week with a professional and that is all the work they do to get better. It is NOT the most efficient or practical form of practice. It IS important but it can be SO much more. I have figured out a way to get more out of the workout with your child. It WILL be announced in the next month. It WILL be great and it WILL provide a better learning atmosphere for them. It WILL differentiate what we do compared to anyone else in the west coast. Sometimes there is a time and place to put your foot down and say this is how it is going to be. My hope for you is that you will do the same thing for your child. If you attend a summer camp, then continue working and learning what you may have learned. If you found a new training method that you like, then continue to work on it at home and in your practice time. For me, it is time to start working more smart and getting your child better at throwing and pitching a baseball with more velocity and less stress on the arm. Let us both decide the time is NOW!

Look for the announcement via email, Twitter, Facebook and however else we can announce it to the world.

P.S. If you or know someone who is interested in working here at ThrowZone please pass the newsletter onto them.