November 2019 Newsletter: Not Sure How This Happened….

I had the pleasure of a few days off and traveled to Las Vegas for a tournament. What started out with concern over the 50mph Santa Ana winds and fires happening all over Southern California, plus 85 degree weather, ended with my return back home to find it was already the holiday season. Cool nights, clear days, and Christmas commercials during every television break

Not sure how this happened, but I assume it has to do with getting older in years; I like to think of it as transitioning toward almighty knowledge. When we’re busy with multiple things in life, we don’t really stop to slow down and think, “How did we get to planning Thanksgiving dinner?”

Life moves on whether we’re ready or not and baseball behaves the same way. In life, there’s another day to wake up to. With a busy baseball season, the current game we’re playing will make way for another game the next day, then practice, then cages, then bullpens, and then another game.

You see, it becomes more apparent to me each day that life and baseball mirror each other in many ways. Some days we swing for the fences and hit a single, which may be like going to Starbucks with a friend and relaxing for an hour and a half.

If we hit a double, it equates to your children cleaning up their room before school, telling you that they love you, and coming home to them getting an ‘A’ on a test.

A triple might include all of this plus a back massage from your spouse. I won’t go into a home run because kids might be reading this, but you get the picture.  🙂

Sometimes we commit an error, strike out, give up the game-winning run, and for that moment we’re sad and not in much of a mood to talk.

But the best part of baseball, and life, is that there IS another game and day. We get another opportunity to be the hero, be mediocre, or just be bad. It’s up to us to determine our fate.

It’s also clear that, as a parent, we love our children more than anything else in this world. We teach them to always do their best. However, an even more important lesson we can teach them is that when they have a bad day, they get to sleep it off and out of their conscious mind, and begin anew the next day. That’s the beauty of the gift God gave us, to live each day like it’s your last and to make each day better than the previous one.

Baseball teaches this to our players too. What may have begun as a bad game might actually become an opportunity to win in the end. A base hit scoring the game-winning run turns us into a hero with everyone around us celebrating our accomplishment, regardless of how the game started.

I truly believe that my travels in life have given me the opportunity to assist your child in becoming the best they can be not just in baseball, but also in life.

My goal, along with Coach Warren, is to help your player become the best in baseball and life. We want your son to leave our facility with a smile on his face, to be excited about seeing his name change colors up on our velocity board. We want him to feel good about our goofy bird calls for new records!

Again, I’m not sure how all this happened, but I do know we want your day to be better after seeing us than before you walked through our doors. As in life, everything is better when we end our day better than when we woke up.

We’re excited to be sharing news in the next week or two about our Holiday Training Camp for the older and younger players. It will begin before Christmas, but I’m trying to lock down dates since the holidays are right in the middle of the week. Be on the lookout for these camps as they’re a great way to improve your skill and strength level while still enjoying time off with family and friends.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving season!

Until next time…