On Your Holiday List

‘Tis the season to buy that special baseball player the ultimate holiday gift, the Marc Pro electronic conditioning device! Used by over 100 professional and amateur teams and recommended by sports trainers and medical professionals, the Marc Pro aids athletes in maximizing their training results while speeding up their recovery time in between workouts.

By electronically stimulating the muscles in a targeted area, the Marc Pro removes waste and increases the flow of oxygenated blood. This allows muscles to heal more quickly, reduces fatigue, and helps prevent injury. Increased nutrients and less waste means you get the most out of your muscles and your workouts. We know our pitchers will benefit greatly using this device.

If you’d like to buy your baseball player their very own Marc Pro device, ThrowZone has partnered with Marc Pro to offer our clients a special 5% discount. For less than $2 a day you can experience the same improved muscle performance and recovery the pros do! Simply visit the Marc Pro website at http://marcpro.com/ and use the promotional code “ThrowZone” at checkout.

We’re eager to help everyone take their workout to the next level with Marc Pro!
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