September 2019 Newsletter: Join us for the Coaches Clinic on September 26th!

September 2019 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter is our annual “hear ye, hear ye” announcement regarding our open invitation for all coaches, teachers, instructors, and parents to attend our 9th annual Coaches Clinic with Ron Wolforth and the Texas Baseball Ranch at Throwzone Academy on Thursday, September 26th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm!

Since players work more and more closely with their coaches in high school, college, and travel and rec leagues, those coaches are often looking for an intimate evening of instruction about pitching, throwing, and the latest in innovative training. During the 3-hour Coaches Clinic, Coach Ron and his team will go over the ABC’s of the game and enlighten you with hidden secrets and techniques that you can then share with your players.

Ron Wolforth is a nationally renowned, highly sought-after speaker who lectures multiple times every year at camps, clinics, and on national stages. And on September 26th, he’s all ours for 3 hours at Throwzone Academy! Learn from one of the best in the field during an evening of video presentations and live demonstrations. Plus, it includes a food and drinks so you won’t be learning on an empty stomach!

Keep reading to get all the details of this incredible, informative evening with the entire Texas Baseball Ranch team and then contact me to reserve your spot today!

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Join us for the Coaches Clinic on Thursday, September 26th!

For the 9th year in a row, nationally renowned Texas Baseball Ranch founder Coach Ron Wolforth will be in Southern California for a 3-hour Coaches Clinic on Thursday, September 26th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm, hosted by and held at Throwzone Academy in Santa Clarita, CA. We have a tremendous evening planned for you!

Coach Wolforth’s presentation will include live demonstrations and a detailed PowerPoint presentation along with pitching videos and analysis of today’s top MLB pitchers. Plus, guests will be able to participate in a Q & A session with Coach Wolforth and several of Coach Wagner’s pitchers. This clinic will present the latest in innovative training and share how to implement new protocols for your programs and teams.

Coach Wolforth’s focus for the evening will be centered around the Ranch’s primary algorithm of Pain-Recovery-Performance and why this algorithm is so helpful in guiding the personalization of a player’s training. He’ll also discuss how to implement your own version of it with your athletes.

The Coaches Clinic is open to all high school, college, and travel ball coaches as well as any parents interested in learning more about keeping their child’s throwing arm healthy!

Additional coaches speaking at this clinic include:

Flint Wallace: Director of Player Development for the Texas Baseball Ranch, Flint will discuss the lower half of the body and its role in creating velocity when pitching and, more importantly, how to teach it.

Jonathan Massey: Lead Instructor for the Texas Baseball Ranch, Jonathan will speak about how the Ranch training protocols have evolved over the past 10 years.

Ollie Kadey:  Director of the Durathro™ online program at the Ranch, Ollie will speak about the Powercore 360 and how the Ranch utilizes this tool to encourage pelvic and glute engagement and sync the upper and lower body together.

Jim Wagner: Owner and Director of Player and Program Development at Throwzone Academy, Jim will talk about the role of arm action in developing a healthy pitching arm, creating more velocity, and improving arm health.

Space at the Coaches Clinic is limited to 35 participants. The cost to attend this special event is $74 per person and will include a light dinner of sandwich, chips, drinks, and dessert.

To find out more and sign up for the clinic, contact us by phone at 661-644-881 or email [email protected]. You can also visit for details on registering via mail or paying with a credit card or through Venmo.

Come join us; we look forward to seeing you there!