September 2103 E-Newsletter

I wanted to share a story with you for this month’s e-newsletter that has been a product to the type of business that we have building over the past 12 years of operating. From the days of working in a small park… the lights shutting out during the middle of a pitch……to driving from client’s house to client’s house… finally working indoors at a hitting facility (2X)… the realization of opening a new facility and the continued building of new ideas and training, if there is one story that makes me as happy to help players and to continue to improve our service it would be this one:

A student of mine contacted me in mid-July telling me how he was getting ready to fly out to Florida as he just was about to sign his professional contract after being drafted by the NY Mets this past June in the amateur draft. But what was a telling moment between us was two simple little texts that he sent over a month’s period of time. The first text was when he was drafted and said: “….if it wasn’t for you none of this would have been possible.” The second text was a picture text of a professional baseball that was scuffed and a little muddied. It had a simple caption saying “My first professional win!”

Now for the back story…..albeit in a brief form. This student lived in Santa Ana, CA which is approximately an hour away if there was no traffic on the dreaded 5 North freeway. An easy hour and a half to 2 hours in traffic. He heard about Throwzone while surfing the web and he came up to our summer workout program 3 days a week in the middle of the day at a park approximately 3 years ago.

He said he would do whatever it took to get better. I told him to show up here every class day and I would help as much as I could. His best friend and also a pitcher came as well. His friend had come off of shoulder surgery and was easing back into throwing a ball without pain.

They both showed up to every class for 6 weeks in his beat up car. We made time for workouts that they both did……a group lesson……they went to Houston, TX on the advice of myself and other students……called and asked questions. Basically they did everything that was asked of them and the reward was justified. Being drafted into professional baseball. And the friend who came along as well? He earned a scholarship at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to pitch this next season.

Ryan Chapman has done a tremendous amount of work and did absolutely whatever it took to become as good as he could be. He pitched very little in high school and college but he did not waver in his belief in becoming a pro ball player.

I spoke with him the other day about helping out with our upcoming Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp in October. He said that there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to help because of all the help he has been given over the years.

This is why I realized how blessed I am for working with students such as Ryan and Matt. There are countless other students who have had success along the way and will continue to become great on their baseball path.

And it is one of the biggest reasons for our continued strive to become great in making pitchers and throwers better.

And onto a few of those things that have been in the works for the past 3 months:

1. Our new website at


Links banners on the front page of website with many offers from those we work closely with including the Texas Baseball Ranch, Oates Specialties for our products, Brian Cain for our mental conditioning and Kyle Boddy at Driveline Baseball for our weighted ball training.

Twitter: @throwzone and Facebook at Jim Wagner’s Throwzone Academy. Follow us today!

5th Annual Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp with Coach Ron Wolforth from the Texas Baseball Ranch. This is Coach’s only west coast pitching clinic for the entire year. (See website for more information……only 4 more spots left)

But the one area where we are very excited is our new group format that is generating a lot of buzz amongst our current clients and those in the community.

I have been stopped by several people who have asked about our new format and we have not even begun the classes yet. However, that all is changing tonight as we begin the first day with 3 different class times! Be sure to contact us to get signed up for this new throwing and training protocols which will change for the better how the lesson business has operated in the past. Proper body and arm warmup….arm care and throwing protocols…..circuit training specific to pitching involving both lower and upper half drilling…..a new video analysis station with real time video playback at speeds up to 480 frames a second……mound work and arm care specific to after throwing care. All of this will happen in 1 class!

Check the website and our social media for pictures being put up in the next 24 hours!

Contact us today for information regarding our classes. We still have a few classes open. Or stop by and see what we are doing too. We always love to have new people come in and see what we are about!

Until next time,