Throwzone Blog

Good day to all of our Throwzone families……I hope that you and your family are safe and
doing as well as expected during the lockdown that our country is going through.

At the Wagner household we are doing as well as can be expected. For those of you who may
not know me personally, I am an absolute moving body who cannot sit still other than reading
the news in the morning with a cup of coffee. I am not a morning person and my wife, Sondra,
knows not to ask questions or to talk very little until I am up and going after about an hour. God
bless her….

At any rate, I need to keep busy and if I am cooped up in the house for more than an hour at a
time then I become not as nice a person as I am. For those who may have read my book that I
put out last year (shameless plug: Three Strikes and You Are NOT Out!…available on
Amazon) there were times in my life while being a single father of two boys that I had as many
as 3 jobs at a time.

I was building this baseball business….A substitute teacher at both Bridgeport and Highlands Elementary schools at least 3-4 days a week…..and I was a caretaker at a Senior Assisted Living facilities during graveyard areas.  Not that I was a masochist and worked 24 hours because I needed to be busy but I needed to make money to support my sons.  I believe I really turned my work ethic around during the middle of the 1990’s until 2005. Fortunately, in 2006, I stopped the graveyard hours and limited the teaching until I left that completely and turned Throwzone from 1-3 persons a week business to now where we see over 100 clients a week.

I only bring these moments up in life because as Americans we are all put in a very tough situation where many are not working, yet bills and food still have to be paid for.  Sometimes we have to do what we have to do for the sake of our family.  For me, I have been able to go get a workout in daily and have taken walks every day for about an hour each time.  Sitting around the house is not an option for me and hopefully you are able to move about while keeping social distancing in mind and not driving you or other family members crazy while idle.

This leads me to my point today……what to do with your baseball playing children.  Throwing a baseball may not necessarily be an option but you really have to make it an option.  Playing catch in the backyard or if you are able to go to a field and do some long toss is even more ideal.

Doing body weight activities……push ups and all the variations plus sit ups, planks, jumps in your house on a daily basis is the best thing to do to keep your strength up.  Imagine all the weight that is going to be gained just sitting around playing video games or streaming videos all day will do for a person’s well-being.  I am sure that gym memberships are going to spike sky high when we do get over this lockdown, if only for people to feel better about their physical  status as well as the mental health.

This will pass…..there is no question that America will BEAT this virus and when we do then we can get back to normalcy!  But doing things now to put ourselves in a better situation later is imperative for our baseball career.  Do sprints up and down the street to build explosiveness.  Play catch every day.  Push your body through a workout daily so as to feel like you remain strong.

Our hope that when this all passes that we can see you back in Throwzone again.  We have wonderful summer camps planned……our Elite Pitchers Boot Camp will once again be in September.  Our training classes will be everyday.  Baseball will be back on the field again……the big question is are you doing everything possible to be ready for when it does.

I hope to send something out one – two times a week to hopefully inspire you.  If you have any questions you want answered please email me at [email protected] and I would be happy to help you in your quest for baseball dominance.

Until next time…..