TZAcademy 14 and under Open Tryouts 2015-2016 Club Team

TZAcademy will holding an open tryout on Saturday, August 15 from 10a-12p for players 14 years old (60 X 90) that would include 8th graders entering their Freshman year of high school in 2016. This would also include 13 U (8th graders) who would like to play on the HS size field.

The goal of our program will be to develop players in the necessary skills (both on and off the field) to ready them for high school baseball. Our goals will also include baseball development, team chemistry and respect for the other players and coaches that we will compete against. This will all be done in a setting that will promote process-oriented play and NOT on the results…….though it will be important for players to know how to win games in a systematic environment.

Here are some of the promotions for our team for the 2015 – 2016 season:

– League Play every other weekend

– Tournaments once a month

– Professional coaching

– Practice 2X/week

Space is limited for players and a confirmation will need to be made before the tryout date.

For more information and practice location, please contact us!