Want to learn to throw like a pro?

Hey baseball fans! Is there a Little Leaguer in your family hoping to one day pitch in the big leagues? What if you could train with one of the nation’s leading baseball pitching instructors no matter where you lived? That fastball of your dreams is now at your fingertips! Jim Wagner, founder of ThrowZone Academy, is bringing his ThrowZone know-how to your front door with his brand new “Remote and Out of the Area Pitching and Throwing Instruction” program!

Now from anywhere in the country you or your child can benefit from the same tips and techniques that have helped hundreds of ballplayers, including 21 in the major leagues and 72 at the collegiate level, generate greater speed and command while also focusing on injury reduction and improved arm health. Via Skype, FaceTime, or email, Coach Jim will provide an initial video analysis, a complete report to utilize in conjunction with a local coach or instructor (or the parent who works directly with their child), and will follow up with a warm up program, an arm care routine, mechanical work and a post-throwing recovery program. Learn to stand your ground on the mound and strike out your opponents! Contact Coach Jim today at [email protected] for more information today!

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