June 5 – June 29 & July 3 – July 27

2023 Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm Health Camp

ThrowZone Academy is pleased to announce our 17th annual Summer Baseball Training program!

Our summer camp is a well-established strength, conditioning, and throwing training protocol. It incorporates baseball strength training as well as arm care and velocity enhancement

June 14 – July 21, 2023

2023 Youth Summer
Training Camp

ThrowZone Academy is pleased to announce our 7th annual Youth Summer Training Camp! 

This 6-week training is consistent with our summer conditioning and throwing program, and is the perfect solution to keep your young pitcher busy after school gets out!

Welcome to ThrowZone Academy,

where we have functioned as a full time facility since 2000 and continue to grow stronger each year. ThrowZone provides baseball throwing development with an emphasis on pitching velocity and control while maintaining UNPRECEDENTED arm health……GUARANTEED!

Our Classes

We have found the most efficient throwing and pitching time we can spend with our students is in a competitive group setting where the pitchers work with and alongside each other.

Velocity Success Stories

What Pitchers & Parents Say About ThrowZone Academy

“Let me just say, for any of you who love baseball, and want to become great pitchers and are in it to win it, or just throw the ball with great velocity and control, then I highly recommend TZAcademy.”


News, announcements, and inspiration

June 2023 E-Newsletter: Now Is Not the Time to Quit

I had the good fortune to watch a long-time client pitch at UC Santa Barbara the weekend prior. It was his last home game of a 4-year career with its fair share of ups and downs, but the goal is getting a student-athlete to graduate (which he did) and continue playing the game he loves…

Reason #1 to Attend Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp

What’s the very best reason to sign up for summer camp? Throwzone Academy and its summer programs allow players from all over to help each other out with training and sharing the protocols they have learned over the years. Each year we have multiple players who have trained with us for at least 5 years in…

Reason #2 to Join Us for Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp

For injuries, Throwzone Academy is second to none in finding out what’s causing the injury, and we have a proven plan to get players back to good health and throwing better than ever. During our summer program, players come to us not for velocity but for arm health and recovery. After 8 weeks, those players…

Reason #3 to Sign Up for Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp

The referrals we get from other players, parents, and coaches are quite flattering. In fact, I met with a top SoCal football head coach just to talk shop about throwing mechanics for QBs and how baseball players throw. It must have made an impact because even 5 years later, that coach put me in touch…

In Remembrance on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor those who served in the military and gave their lives while protecting our country. Throwzone Academy wishes you and your family a Memorial Day filled with warmth, pride, and togetherness!

Reason #4 to Attend Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp

We are very good at placing players with the right coaches who utilize our training methodologies. We constantly have coaches for scout teams and colleges, as well as professional scouts, ask us about the right players to play for them or who to watch for the July draft every year. And every year, we find…

Quote for the Week

“You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

Happy Birthday to Our May Players!

Wishing each of you a wonderful birthday and year ahead! Eian S.Gio V.Hunter M.Aidan B.Steven P.Cooper S.Eli S.Johnny F.Jacob T.Matthew G.Joshua K.Christian S.Jonathan P.

Reason #5 to Attend Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp

We’re halfway through our top ten list of reasons to sign up for Throwzone’s Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm Health Camp! Ready for reason #5? Here you go: Because as my mentor, Ron Wolforth, always says, “Hope is not a plan.” When you train with us here at Throwzone Academy, we have a plan in…

Myths, Facts, and the Solution Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp Offers

As another exciting Summer Training Camp draws near here at Throwzone Academy, I wanted to give you some myths, facts, and solutions on the common perceptions of players who are looking to be recruited or even just make their high school teams. Over the years—and I’m going on over 30+ years of coaching, so my…


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