Education just isn’t in the classroom
An education is taught in the classroom that results in the understanding of a subject matter. This requires an instructor to teach, chalk board to demonstrate the theory, and practice exercises in the class room to gain confidence. Skills are taught, developed, and retained over a period of time. This applies to any academic or physical active participation! Nothing is ever given without hard work because hardly working never works!

TZAcademy and its staff is that classroom for those individuals that want to better understand how to improve their game. The instructors personalize data one on one through visual playback, this is the chalk board, a bullpen to practice the technics needed for proper pitching mechanics, this is the classroom, and a facility with the equipment to develop arm strength and health, this is the institute "TZAcademy".

My son, Abbott Haffar, has played multiple sports growing up since he was 5 years old, but baseball became his passion over football and basketball. At the age of 13 baseball became the only sport that Abbott decided to participate in and continues to participate in till today, this is his passion. Like any loving parents our job is to support our kids passion and pursuit of excellence.

During the summer of 2015 Abbott strained his UCL. MRI's and doctors proved the strain and Abbott was shutdown from pitching for the 2015/2016 season. His love for the mound never ceased but his desire to get back on the hill was his goal. In December of 2015, after a period of 15 weeks of no baseball activities, and along with physical therapy, Abbott got a medical release to slowly start throwing again, this is where TZAcademy comes in.

Through a close friend that has a son with a more severe UCL injury that recovered very well I inquired into his recovery and got the referral to Jim Wagner. I proceeded to call Jim at which point Jim with open arms and professionalism scheduled an appointment to assess Abbott condition and to diagnose Abbott's situation. From that day on my son Abbott committed to a routine that brought him back stronger than ever. Started with visual playback pitching mechanical improvements, weekly strengthening exercises, and bullpen practices with radar velocity feedback. After a short period of 3 months of dedicated work and strengthening Abbott got to the 90 mile club.

Thank you Jim for the support and teachings! Your time with Abbott was instrumental in his recovery and confidence to get back on the mound with success. Keep up the teaching and wish you and your future players much success!!

Mo Haffar
Son, Abbott, is committed to UC Riverside for fall 2017
Thanks from a lefty!
Years ago at the age of 5, My son Timothy developed a great love for baseball and then pitching as a lefty. I saw the dedication and hard work he was willing to put into the game even at a young age, we were so lucky to have stumbled upon Jim Wagner, the owner of the ThrowZone Baseball Academy (TZAcademy).

WOW…..What a great ride since then!

Let me just say, for any of you who love baseball, and want to become great pitchers and are in it to win it, or just throw the ball with great velocity and control, then I highly recommend TZAcademy. TZA is not only the best pitching academy in the Santa Clarita Valley but also probably one of the best in the country. Jim Wagner, and his long time associate, Warren Bauer, are two of the most knowledgeable pitching instructors in the business. Even if you just have questions regarding your child and their pitching you definitely need to know you can contact them even if it is just for good, friendly advice, they will always help you and are two of the nicest people I know.

Their level of instruction for pitchers and throwing in my opinion is second to none and the most top quality of anyone in baseball. Not only do they work on proper mechanics, arm strength and conditioning, they also work on something that is equally important, the mental side of the game when you are on the mound under pressure, and also very important, the shut down time for pitchers. They get to know you personally and even give you good life skill advice. Pitching is definitely an art and has to be developed over a period of time, it is definitely a process. Many will have failures, but with the proper training you will have many great successes as well to prepare you for the next level. We all know as baseball players, your failures will definitely be part of your successes, they will guide you through this process. The workouts are challenging but fun. Everyone that participates is treated as an individual and like family. They also know everyone is a different size and shape, no matter who you are, they can help you gain knowledge, strength for both your velocity and power for the mental side of the game. So, they take who and what you are into account and work with you to build you up to the best player you can possibly be. They guide you like uncles, They make sure that your body is not being over worked, and in the great aspects of conditioning its not only about your arms but your upper and lower body also, which fits well with their strength training process. Your eating habits are a big factor in muscle development as well. It is a one stop shop for all your leaguers needs. I couldn’t be happier having a great academy of this caliber right here in our own backyard.

We owe much thanks to Jim and Warren, for all the progress and accolades that my son Timothy has achieved. We could not have done it without them and Tim's hard work and dedication. He just recently signed his pitching scholarship to one of the most prestigious pitching schools in the country, Cal State University, Fullerton. Some of his other accolades from the past consist of All-Foothill League Pitcher of the Year, All- Area First team, All -State, All-Signal newspaper and All- American. This could not have happened without the training and insight at TZAcademy. I highly recommend TZAcademy to any baseball player who wants to become their very best. Jim and Warren know their stuff!

Mike and Cindy Josten

(son, Timmy, is committed to Cal State University, Fullerton in the fall of 2017)
Classes and Private Lessons
“Over the 10 years Trevor has worked with Jim, Jim is always looking to put player development and health first, Jim championed a road which turned out to be unbelievably successful. From Pony league to high school to Division I college ball, Jim impacted Trevor’s pitching, not only through personal instruction, but maybe more importantly, through staying abreast of leading edge pitching philosophies and training techniques. With Jim, you get more than a lesson, you get expertise”.

- Warren Bauer (Son, Trevor, was a 1st round draft pick of the Arizona Diamondbacks and is currently with the Cleveland Indians)
Testimonial from College
Training at TZAcademy has impacted my pitching career completely. Prior to connecting with Jim, I was a freshman at UC Irvine sitting only 80-83 mph. After tons of work, this soon translated to hitting over 90+ mph. Jim and Warren Bauer’s progressive training methods have truly helped me find my true potential. Not only have I seen an increase in my velocity, but there has been a significant positive impact on my arm health. Arm care is a top priority here at TZAcademy, while there is also an emphasis on strength and mobility. Jim and Warren’s knowledge and experience with biomechanics of the pitching delivery has helped me make adjustments to create efficient movement patterns. TZAcademy maintains an enthusiastic environment that propels each player to push beyond their limits. Jim has a passionate desire to see every one of his players reach their peak potential. My knowledge in the art of pitching has skyrocketed ever since I started training here. I know that if I ever need advice, I can 100% trust that I will get the best feedback. I would consider Jim Wagner & Warren Bauer the best in the business.
Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp
“I liked how the weekend was organized and how the time was well spent. Thanks Jim!”

Cary Fairchild (son Sam pitches at Cerro Costa College)
Classes and Private Lessons
Jim Wagner is an impact coach — someone who tangibly improved my son’s game. Jim refined the quality of his pitches, taught him drills that enhanced his repeatability and used astute video analysis to help Conor recognize areas of his delivery that needed improvement, which, in turn, helped Conor’s ability to self-correct on the mound. Jim’s insights also elevated the critical mental aspect of Conor’s game. In his quiet, smart and thoughtful way, Jim is one of those rare coaches that makes a true difference.

- Carlton Cuse,father of Conor Cuse (9-1, 1.95 ERA) starting pitcher for Harvard Westlake, the #1 high school baseball team in the USA 2013. Conor pitches at Stanford University.
Classes and Private Lessons
In my 15 years of coaching youth baseball, I have seen many private pitching coaches come and go. Jim Wagner has been a steady presence during all of those years as a premiere pitching coach and arm care specialist. Jim has produced great results with many of his students pitching in college and beyond. But what truly sets Jim apart from the rest is his obvious passion for the art of pitching and his genuine desire to see his students succeed. His infectious enthusiasm helps his students push themselves to reach their full potential all the while teaching them proper mechanics and arm care. How he manages to get kids and teens to adopt pre- and post-pitching routines is impressive considering most probably fight their parents over brushing their teeth! I highly recommend TZAcademy for anyone looking to become a pitcher or further develop their pitching skills. You will not be disappointed!

President, Hart Pony Baseball
Classes and Private Lessons
I have known Jim Wagner for over 20 years. During this time, I have grown to have the upmost respect

for him. He is truly a man on a mission. I have watched him train many students, including both of my

sons. His evaluation of talent, comes from a position of knowledge equity. Jim Wagner trains in the art

of pitching, this is simply his gift. Jim looks at the individual and truly develops his/her talent, and

maintains a passionate desire, to help each individual based on his/her talents.

Jim truly runs the TZAcademy with passion and professionalism. His knowledge of the game,

from the physical aspect to the mental pre-game preparation, is outstanding. The art of pitching is more

than throwing a ball. Jim, challenges his students, to be more than a thrower, but a pitcher. With the

plethora of specialty pitching coaches in So Cal, Jim will always be at the top of my list.

Fran Judge, Valencia CA
Classes and Private Lessons
My son Kody McLain is a HS senior RHP, he has been to multiple pitching coaches over the years. Jim Wagner & Warren Bauer were suggested to us by a pitching coach from a So. Cal college. This is the first one that made an immediate impact. When we first met Jim he did an overall review of my son's bodies limitations, capabilities & mechanics. Immediately body adjustments were required, TZAcademy emphasizes strength, explosiveness, speed, quickness arm care and velocity. The atmosphere is energetic with horns, beepers, bells, loud encouraging voices over the blaring on your toes music to keep motivation to strive for another personal record. In just a couple of months his fastball has increased 6 MPH . Jim is invested in his athletes helping him with the collegiate recruiting process. If you are looking for results for your dedicated pitcher to improve at any level TZAcademy in Santa Clarita is the place !!!

TZAcademy makes a difference !!!

Tom McLain
Classes and Private Lessons
My daughter Anessa has been going to Jim Wagner and TZAcademy for over 4 years now. In fact, we still have his postcard that he sent after our first visit when she had just turned 7 years old. This seems like yesterday, yet Anessa has developed into a solid pitcher over the years. This is in part due to Jim and his pitching philosophy.

Jim incorporates arm care into each session which as a parent it is very important for me. Anessa plays baseball year round on a club team so it is important that she learns about arm care/ develops insight into different pitching styles and is able to stretch and take good care of herself. Jim has done this and beyond while (most of all) making it fun! Anessa loves coming to TZAcademy. She is able to set goals/reach them and have a good time while working hard. Jim has become a support to Anessa in the world of baseball and has often come to her games and inquired about how she has pitched during tournaments. He cares for his clients and above all has a true passion for his work. This shows and is very much appreciated. I highly recommend TZAcademy to anyone interested and have really enjoyed watching TZAcademy ans Anessa grow over the years!

Classes and Private Lessons
Coach Wagner from TZAcademy really helped me this winter. After just a short period of time working with him, he helped me tremendously. I now throw 90 mph and I am on the way to faster speeds by focusing on just a few things that he asked me to do. He filmed me with high speed video to pinpoint exactly where I needed to focus. Then he gave me a list of exercises and things to do during my workouts and bullpens. I am really thankful that I found out about him.

-Josh Leaser
Josh pitches at the Air Force Academy
Coronado High School, CA
Class of 2016
“Jim Wagner knows arm strength and conditioning, mechanics and pitching philosophy as well as anyone in the country. He is a true student of the game. I would recommend Jim to anyone who is serious about taking their game to the next level”

-Jim Vatcher
former Major League Player
VP of Jaeger Sports
Classes and Private Lessons
We just got word that Aaron was named the 2013 Trinity League Pitcher of the Year and 1st Team All Orange County. Without you working with Aaron after his injury, he would not be where he is today. The arm strength and conditioning along with core strength program you use at your facility is by far the best in Southern California. I want to thank you for everything and would recommend you to players of all ages from Little league to the Big leagues

-Brad Cross (Grandfather of Aaron Cross, Mater Dei HS Class of 2013)
Aaron pitches at Brigham Young University
“Having Jim as an instructor in the Jaeger Sports Amateur and Professional Camps has been an extremely rewarding experience for me and the players in the camp. Not only does Jim have the qualities to be an excellent technical coach, but he brings a very positive attitude that translates into passion, commitment and presence toward each individual player. Whether it’s relying on Jim to work with a player like Barry Zito, or a youth player working his way up toward his dreams, Jim has a tremendous amount to offer”

-Alan Jaeger
Jaeger Sports
Classes and Private Lessons
I am writing you today to let you know how the Command trainer we ordered from Oates Specialties has improved our son William’s pitching command and accuracy. We had the pleasure of driving down to train with Jim early this year, and William was introduced to the trainer at Jim’s facility. Jim told us of the evolution of the trainer as it was used at Ron Wolforth’s ranch in Texas. William has been to the ranch twice, but it was not used in the 3 day boot camps.
After visiting Jim I ordered the trainer. I was hesitant to order another “weapon” to add to William’s arsenal. He was at the age where it was hard to get him to use the gear on a regular basis. He wanted instant results without putting in the “work”. Even Ron’s videos of William’s issues did not get the point across. Fast forward to setting up the trainer in the back yard. William finally got instant results from hitting the target on the trainer. It was better than paying for a coach! He has been out using the trainer between games, sometimes in the dark with his phone blaring Eminem for all the neighbors to hear. Yesterday he pitched a full 6 innings with no pain, striking out 15 in those innings with no walks. He has never stayed on the mound this long with this kind of success. AND, he was radar’d at 75 mph with a friend’s pocket radar. For a 12 year old I can only credit you three (Samantha, take some credit too!) for helping William regain his command, arm health and mental ability to stay on the mound.

Thanks again for being there when I emailed you, ordered from you and visited you. You guys are all the best there is.

-Mary Ann Kempner (son William, 12 yo)
Classes and Private Lessons
“Even though Cade’s leg was hurting and Coach Randy was down and out because it looked like Cade was not going to be able to pitch, we got to the bottom of the 6th inning holding onto 1 run lead. Randy asked Cade if he could get the batter out for him. Cade’s eyes lit up and said “Yes, let me pitch to him”.

Anyways, Cade kind of limped out to the mound, took a few warm-up pitches and faced the batter.

Four pitches later, all fast and at the plate, he jumped off the mound with his first save!

It was unbelieveable, four great, hard, accurate pitches and the game was over. Coach Randy called Cade the Closer. He asked Cade if he was nervous. Cade said, “Not really. I just planned on throwing strikes!”

Was an exciting night for a proud mom and dad, too. Jim, thanks and keep up the good work. We appreciate the
confidence you are building. It will always mean more than his ability to pitch. Thanks!”

Mike, Amy and the boys
Classes and Private Lessons
“My son, China McCarney, was fortunate enough to start working with Jim Wagner on a regular basis in 9th grade.

His velocity, arm strength and endurance training helped him realize his physical potential as a player and prospect.

Through regular weekly workouts all through high school, China went from a low 70′s guy as a freshman to 94 mph in his senior year. Jim’s core strength workouts also made him a complete baseball player. Jim’s ability as a coach was a major reason China received several D-1 scholarship offers as well as a professional contract offer his senior year.

Jim also provided a recruiting conduit to some of the best programs and connections in the baseball world….He has been a mentor to my son and I believe any prospect that works with him can reach their full potential if they follow his workouts and advice.”

-John McCarney (son, China, was drafted by the Cleveland Indians and Tampa Bay Rays)
Classes and Private Lessons
There’s not a more conscientious Pitching Instructor in Southern California. From his generous and supportive approach, to his relentless pursuit of the most cutting edge training and arm care protocols, Jim Wagner is exceptional in every way. He helped my son become a more athletic and explosive pitcher, all the while encouraging his love for the game. Beyond all of this, he gave my son a gift that transcends baseball. He taught him a work ethic. Jim Wagner gave my son an understanding of what is required for those who pursue excellence

– Doug Savant
Classes and Private Lessons
Jim, I know that if it weren’t for you and your commitment to both Theo and Bobby, they would not have had the successes that they’ve enjoyed over the years. From day one at Meadow’s Park, I’ve always trusted you and believed in what you do. We (Santa Clarita) are very lucky and fortunate to have you looking out for our young pitchers. Continued success to you!

Also, I asked Bobby and he would like to continue with your program in November and of course he would not miss it for anything, so please count him “IN”. Last year, with your program, his arm was in prefect ready shape and he didn’t miss a game or practice due to injury. I attribute his success to the fact that he consistently kept his arm conditioned through participating in your program. I would say off the top of my head that he might have been the only pitcher who did not suffer from some type of injury last year!

Thank you for all that you do for our boys in keeping them safe and injury free!

-Heidi Stafford
Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp
Just a short note to say thank you so much for the great camp. It is a tribute to you and your staff to see my son come home each day, more excited about the game of baseball, and self improvement. Frankly, I am amazed at how you can get them to embrace the drills and exercises in such a competitive manner. For three days, they didn’t scrimmage or even swing a bat, and yet, each day my son would come home pumped and eager for the following day. In the world of highly competitive youth baseball, I applaud you most for keeping it fun.

I look forward to more camps with you in the future.

Paul Ganus
Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp
“I enjoyed the entire camp but specifically I really enjoyed the video analysis and the hip mobility circuit. I highly recommend coming to the boot camp because the instructors really do know what they are talking about and I got way more then I expected to get out of it”

Tyler Sprague
Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp
“We would like to thank you for all the work you put in to make this camp happen for these boys! It was outstanding! We’ve been wanting to send Kyle to this event in Texas, but have not been able to. Thank you so much for finding a way to bring these coaches to Santa Clarita! Kyle learned so much. Thanks to you, Jim, Kyle was already using many of these techniques to better himself and keep his arm/back, etc. protected. There was still more for him to learn. He has been applying his warm-up techniques and stretches and has a different mental outlook on the importance of staying physically conditioned. There was a lot of great information and my husband was happy that you allowed him to stay and learn, as well. This helps him assist Kyle when they work together as he knows what to look for in his posture, release, etc. Thank you Jim, Coach Strom, and Coach Wolforth for bringing such a great educational camp to our boys! We look forward to the next time this camp comes to town so Kyle can participate again.”

Kyle’s mom
Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp
“Thanks for putting on such a fantastic camp. It was very well organized, and the wealth of information that Ron and Brent brought to the table was truly mind-boggling. It was definitely worth the long drive up to Santa Clarita (the drive home was actually a very quick 2 hours!!), and I know that Jonathan got a lot out of it. I’ve tried to teach him that pitching is really a life-long learning process, and that he needs to continually strive to expose himself to new ideas and techniques in order to keep growing as a pitcher. The Boot Camp this past weekend was the perfect example of that, and we’ve had a lot of conversations since we got home about all the things he learned. So it definitely had the desired impact!”

Michael Meyers (Father of Jonathan, who currently plays at Clemson University)
Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp
“You ran a terrific camp. As you know, we recently sent my son Hunter to a boot camp at Ron’s baseball ranch in Texas and I have a Ron Wolforth DVD collection which I have viewed many times, but I had never seen Ron teach in person until this past weekend. What a treat! Both he and Brent Strom make an unbeatable combination. Add your expertise to the mix and it made for a great learning experience.

Ron communicated very plainly and his upbeat style made it easy to absorb his message. Brent is direct and experienced. As a former major league pitcher, he brought instant credibility and taught his pitching lessons with a great sense of humor and a little salty language. Both Ron and Brent captured the boys attention and held it. They made the boys listen, learn, and laugh.

The Elite Pitcher’s Bootcamp introduced the concepts and training techniques that have proven effective in developing more complete and healthy pitchers. Over the course of the three day camp, players were taught the essential elements that
should lead to greater velocity, improved core body strength, and increased flexibility. The players also learned proper arm care in order to reduce the chance of injury.

The camp integrated the why and the how. First, the players learned the reasons for the various training and then they went through the drills. The sessions were well designed and blended the right amount of learning and doing.

Jim, I thought you nailed it and so did Hunter. He was invigorated and sore by Sunday afternoon.

Many thanks and a job well done.

John Hineman
Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp
“I was thoroughly satisfied with the camp. The personalities of the two leaders were memorable and entertaining at the same time. The fact that you had older pitchers at the camp were very motivating to Jack as well. He has a tremendous base of knowledge to work from in an effort to realize his potential going forward.

I would say that the biggest “ah-ha” that both Jack and I received was the need to become a great athlete. It sunk in and I believe he’ll be willing to work at it according to the process given. I will not hesitate to have him attend in 09 if offered.”

Dan W.
Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp
“Thank you for setting up this camp, I believe it was in my opinion one of the Top five that John has attended. It was very personal and informative, Brent and Ron were outstanding in there interaction with the young men! I even picked up a few things…. I want to thank you for throwing a good word in for John with Brent, these kids need guys like you Jim to help them achieve their dreams. So many just take the money and run and you don’t! I tip my hat my friend to you!”

Eric LaMoure
Classes and Private Lessons
We just wanted to thank you and tell you how impressed and happy we are with what you have been doing for Hayden on the mound. He has been able to do more than improve his pitch, accuracy and speed. He gained his confidence and self esteem back which was distracting him.

-Kassie Devoll
mother of 11 year son, Hayden
Classes and Private Lessons
Prior to linking up with Jim at TZAcademy I was dealing with a pinch in my right bicep tendon (front of shoulder) …after just 3 weeks of training new movement patterns using revolutionary drill work, I was not only throwing without discomfort but now throwing with more velocity. I was 90 – 93 mph prior and for the first time in my pro career I hit 95 mph in just 1 month of working with Jim at TZAcademy….I could not stress enough the importance of proper movement patterns to improve efficiency, health and to reach one’s max ceiling of peak performance. Jim provides not only the “whats” but the “why’s” of what we are doing. He truly cares about his clients and providing us with the best of the best when it comes to helping us reach our peak performance levels. He goes above an beyond traditional pitching coaches and brings in peak mental performance coaches, top trainers, and bio-mechanical experts to help ensure that we are receiving the best instruction possible.

I just went into my 3rd professional season not only more physically prepared but more mentally prepared than ever
before. I have been dominating the competition thus far, leading the league in strikeouts and my walks are down by 75% from previous seasons. New opportunities have came about in just 3 starts of the season. Winter ball job offers from Dominican Republic and Venezuelan teams which for those unfamiliar, it is the highest level of baseball one can play other than the Major Leagues. I have never been drafted, never have I played for an affiliated minor league team. I started at the independent ball level and in just my 3rd season have had the privilege of playing winter ball in Mexico with MLB veterans and now opportunities to climb higher and can’t help but think that my off season work at TZAcademy had some influence in my continued success. All I can say is that I envy the young kids who have already started down this path. I just hope that other kids coming up hold on to their visions/dreams and consistently persist with confidence until they materialize. There’s no feeling worse than looking back and regretting that you could of dug deeper.

-David Casillas – El Paso Diablos (American Association League)