Thanks from a lefty!

Years ago at the age of 5, My son Timothy developed a great love for baseball and then pitching as a lefty. I saw the dedication and hard work he was willing to put into the game even at a young age, we were so lucky to have stumbled upon Jim Wagner, the owner of the ThrowZone Baseball Academy (TZAcademy).

WOW…..What a great ride since then!

Let me just say, for any of you who love baseball, and want to become great pitchers and are in it to win it, or just throw the ball with great velocity and control, then I highly recommend TZAcademy. TZA is not only the best pitching academy in the Santa Clarita Valley but also probably one of the best in the country. Jim Wagner, and his long time associate, Warren Bauer, are two of the most knowledgeable pitching instructors in the business. Even if you just have questions regarding your child and their pitching you definitely need to know you can contact them even if it is just for good, friendly advice, they will always help you and are two of the nicest people I know.

Their level of instruction for pitchers and throwing in my opinion is second to none and the most top quality of anyone in baseball. Not only do they work on proper mechanics, arm strength and conditioning, they also work on something that is equally important, the mental side of the game when you are on the mound under pressure, and also very important, the shut down time for pitchers. They get to know you personally and even give you good life skill advice. Pitching is definitely an art and has to be developed over a period of time, it is definitely a process. Many will have failures, but with the proper training you will have many great successes as well to prepare you for the next level. We all know as baseball players, your failures will definitely be part of your successes, they will guide you through this process. The workouts are challenging but fun. Everyone that participates is treated as an individual and like family. They also know everyone is a different size and shape, no matter who you are, they can help you gain knowledge, strength for both your velocity and power for the mental side of the game. So, they take who and what you are into account and work with you to build you up to the best player you can possibly be. They guide you like uncles, They make sure that your body is not being over worked, and in the great aspects of conditioning its not only about your arms but your upper and lower body also, which fits well with their strength training process. Your eating habits are a big factor in muscle development as well. It is a one stop shop for all your leaguers needs. I couldn’t be happier having a great academy of this caliber right here in our own backyard.

We owe much thanks to Jim and Warren, for all the progress and accolades that my son Timothy has achieved. We could not have done it without them and Tim’s hard work and dedication. He just recently signed his pitching scholarship to one of the most prestigious pitching schools in the country, Cal State University, Fullerton. Some of his other accolades from the past consist of All-Foothill League Pitcher of the Year, All- Area First team, All -State, All-Signal newspaper and All- American. This could not have happened without the training and insight at TZAcademy. I highly recommend TZAcademy to any baseball player who wants to become their very best. Jim and Warren know their stuff!

Mike and Cindy Josten

(son, Timmy, is committed to Cal State University, Fullerton in the fall of 2017)

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