About ThrowZone Academy

What we do to establish ourselves from other:

*Our commitment to arm health and recovery is what distinguishes us from other ‘lesson’ providers

*Our 80 minute group class structure is set up in a way to give the student a total experience in their training for that day that is set up to facilitate health in their arm, especially in the shoulder and elbow. We start all of our classes with a self myofascial release for self-message to release muscle tightness or trigger points. Then, we move to a full finger tip to foot warm with agility work and dynamic stretching. After this warm up we move to arm care with shoulder tubes, shoulder and arm bands, small medicine ball throws, stretch band movements for small muscle/tendon/ligament strengthening and movement and throwing movements with weighted implements. From there we move to deceleration and pronation throws and then to upper body and lower half mechanical training. After our hour of training the body and arm to be prepared to throw, we move to the mound where pitching, command/control work, off speed variational protocols and velocity throwing continues. After all of this work and in completion of class, we move to our specialized post arm care protocols including weighted implement in reverse throwing methods, internal shoulder stretching routines, band work and, finally, any of our mobility wrap and Marc Pro post arm recovery devices to promote blood flow to areas of need of the throwing arm

*A consistent network of communication with travel ball programs, showcase circuit knowledge, college coaches, professional scouts who we utilize to place our students in the appropriate settings that best utilizes their talent and skills on the mound and the diamond.

*Physical therapy-type protocols and equipment to help restore the student’s body to a place of comfort and the ability to get them back onto the field. With our vast array of training tools, devices and equipment plus our background and communication with the very best trainers and medical professionals in the country, our students always know that we if we don’t have the answers to their question when it comes to the specificity of their injury, pain or soreness, that we have the quick ability to refer them to the medical professional to serve their specific needs.

*Our summer and winter training camps have consistently brought high school and college students from all over the country to train with us on a daily basis before heading back to their respective school. These 4-8 week summer training and 2-3 week winter training has proven to add needed velocity as they return back to their school. We have also helped facilitate mobility and strength to the throwing arm and lower half / core stabilizers of dozens and dozens of current players that has allowed them to re-store any gains that may have been lost during a very busy Fall and Spring season where games are the primary function at their respective schools.

*The objective measurements that we offer to our students allow players to measure their gains in core strength, arm velocity and weighted ball protocols through note taking in facility notebooks and contest-driven activities for strength gains on a daily basis.

About Jim Wagner

Jim Wagner is a former collegiate pitcher (University of Arizona) and coach who began a very small pitching business (which his first student ever was a 10 year old player, Trevor Bauer, Cy Young winner, 2020) in 2000 to help some of the younger students in their development in the Santa Clarita Valley. As his clients improved and the number of students increased, the small pitching business, which started at various parks throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, turned into a full time indoor pitching academy with students coming from all over the western United States.

Coach Wagner has worked with over 20,000 players in his 25 years of coaching, some of the best players in the world, including many in the professional, collegiate, High School and youth ranks. These players have ranged from some of the hardest throwing players in the world to the least experienced and who have never pitched in a game before. The one area that has made an important impact on these pitchers is that anyone who has worked exclusively with Coach Wagner knows that he can break down the delivery of a baseball as well as anyone, yet will spend the time necessary to have players understand what it takes to have success and remain injury-free to the best of their ability.

There are over 210 players that have moved into both professional and collegiate baseball as well as thousands who have participated in their scout ball, high school and travel teams. Currently 163 of his clients have thrown over 90 miles per hour, 62 have thrown 94 mph, and 15 of them have thrown 100 mph or higher.