Jim, I know that if it weren’t for you…

…and your commitment to both Theo and Bobby, they would not have had the successes that they’ve enjoyed over the years. From day one at Meadow’s Park, I’ve always trusted you and believed in what you do. We (Santa Clarita) are very lucky and fortunate to have you looking out for our young pitchers. Continued success to you!

Also, I asked Bobby and he would like to continue with your program in November and of course he would not miss it for anything, so please count him “IN”. Last year, with your program, his arm was in prefect ready shape and he didn’t miss a game or practice due to injury. I attribute his success to the fact that he consistently kept his arm conditioned through participating in your program. I would say off the top of my head that he might have been the only pitcher who did not suffer from some type of injury last year!

Thank you for all that you do for our boys in keeping them safe and injury free!

-Heidi Stafford

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