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…at TZAcademy I was dealing with a pinch in my right bicep tendon (front of shoulder) …after just 3 weeks of training new movement patterns using revolutionary drill work, I was not only throwing without discomfort but now throwing with more velocity. I was 90 – 93 mph prior and for the first time in my pro career I hit 95 mph in just 1 month of working with Jim at TZAcademy….I could not stress enough the importance of proper movement patterns to improve efficiency, health and to reach one’s max ceiling of peak performance. Jim provides not only the “whats” but the “why’s” of what we are doing. He truly cares about his clients and providing us with the best of the best when it comes to helping us reach our peak performance levels. He goes above an beyond traditional pitching coaches and brings in peak mental performance coaches, top trainers, and bio-mechanical experts to help ensure that we are receiving the best instruction possible.

I just went into my 3rd professional season not only more physically prepared but more mentally prepared than ever
before. I have been dominating the competition thus far, leading the league in strikeouts and my walks are down by 75% from previous seasons. New opportunities have came about in just 3 starts of the season. Winter ball job offers from Dominican Republic and Venezuelan teams which for those unfamiliar, it is the highest level of baseball one can play other than the Major Leagues. I have never been drafted, never have I played for an affiliated minor league team. I started at the independent ball level and in just my 3rd season have had the privilege of playing winter ball in Mexico with MLB veterans and now opportunities to climb higher and can’t help but think that my off season work at TZAcademy had some influence in my continued success. All I can say is that I envy the young kids who have already started down this path. I just hope that other kids coming up hold on to their visions/dreams and consistently persist with confidence until they materialize. There’s no feeling worse than looking back and regretting that you could of dug deeper.

-David Casillas – El Paso Diablos (American Association League)

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