Education just isn’t in the classroom

An education is taught in the classroom that results in the understanding of a subject matter. This requires an instructor to teach, chalk board to demonstrate the theory, and practice exercises in the class room to gain confidence. Skills are taught, developed, and retained over a period of time. This applies to any academic or physical active participation! Nothing is ever given without hard work because hardly working never works!

TZAcademy and its staff is that classroom for those individuals that want to better understand how to improve their game. The instructors personalize data one on one through visual playback, this is the chalk board, a bullpen to practice the technics needed for proper pitching mechanics, this is the classroom, and a facility with the equipment to develop arm strength and health, this is the institute “TZAcademy”.

My son, Abbott Haffar, has played multiple sports growing up since he was 5 years old, but baseball became his passion over football and basketball. At the age of 13 baseball became the only sport that Abbott decided to participate in and continues to participate in till today, this is his passion. Like any loving parents our job is to support our kids passion and pursuit of excellence.

During the summer of 2015 Abbott strained his UCL. MRI’s and doctors proved the strain and Abbott was shutdown from pitching for the 2015/2016 season. His love for the mound never ceased but his desire to get back on the hill was his goal. In December of 2015, after a period of 15 weeks of no baseball activities, and along with physical therapy, Abbott got a medical release to slowly start throwing again, this is where TZAcademy comes in.

Through a close friend that has a son with a more severe UCL injury that recovered very well I inquired into his recovery and got the referral to Jim Wagner. I proceeded to call Jim at which point Jim with open arms and professionalism scheduled an appointment to assess Abbott condition and to diagnose Abbott’s situation. From that day on my son Abbott committed to a routine that brought him back stronger than ever. Started with visual playback pitching mechanical improvements, weekly strengthening exercises, and bullpen practices with radar velocity feedback. After a short period of 3 months of dedicated work and strengthening Abbott got to the 90 mile club.

Thank you Jim for the support and teachings! Your time with Abbott was instrumental in his recovery and confidence to get back on the mound with success. Keep up the teaching and wish you and your future players much success!!

Mo Haffar
Son, Abbott, is committed to UC Riverside for fall 2017

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