Even though Cade’s leg was hurting…

…and Coach Randy was down and out because it looked like Cade was not going to be able to pitch, we got to the bottom of the 6th inning holding onto 1 run lead. Randy asked Cade if he could get the batter out for him. Cade’s eyes lit up and said “Yes, let me pitch to him”.

Anyways, Cade kind of limped out to the mound, took a few warm-up pitches and faced the batter.

Four pitches later, all fast and at the plate, he jumped off the mound with his first save!

It was unbelieveable, four great, hard, accurate pitches and the game was over. Coach Randy called Cade the Closer. He asked Cade if he was nervous. Cade said, “Not really. I just planned on throwing strikes!”

Was an exciting night for a proud mom and dad, too. Jim, thanks and keep up the good work. We appreciate the confidence you are building. It will always mean more than his ability to pitch. Thanks!

Mike, Amy and the boys

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