You ran a terrific camp.

As you know, we recently sent my son Hunter to a boot camp at Ron’s baseball ranch in Texas and I have a Ron Wolforth DVD collection which I have viewed many times, but I had never seen Ron teach in person until this past weekend. What a treat! Both he and Brent Strom make an unbeatable combination. Add your expertise to the mix and it made for a great learning experience.

Ron communicated very plainly and his upbeat style made it easy to absorb his message. Brent is direct and experienced. As a former major league pitcher, he brought instant credibility and taught his pitching lessons with a great sense of humor and a little salty language. Both Ron and Brent captured the boys attention and held it. They made the boys listen, learn, and laugh.

The Elite Pitcher’s Bootcamp introduced the concepts and training techniques that have proven effective in developing more complete and healthy pitchers. Over the course of the three day camp, players were taught the essential elements that
should lead to greater velocity, improved core body strength, and increased flexibility. The players also learned proper arm care in order to reduce the chance of injury.

The camp integrated the why and the how. First, the players learned the reasons for the various training and then they went through the drills. The sessions were well designed and blended the right amount of learning and doing.

Jim, I thought you nailed it and so did Hunter. He was invigorated and sore by Sunday afternoon.

Many thanks and a job well done.

John Hineman

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