We would like to thank you…

…for all the work you put in to make this camp happen for these boys! It was outstanding! We’ve been wanting to send Kyle to this event in Texas, but have not been able to. Thank you so much for finding a way to bring these coaches to Santa Clarita! Kyle learned so much. Thanks to you, Jim, Kyle was already using many of these techniques to better himself and keep his arm/back, etc. protected. There was still more for him to learn. He has been applying his warm-up techniques and stretches and has a different mental outlook on the importance of staying physically conditioned. There was a lot of great information and my husband was happy that you allowed him to stay and learn, as well. This helps him assist Kyle when they work together as he knows what to look for in his posture, release, etc. Thank you Jim, Coach Strom, and Coach Wolforth for bringing such a great educational camp to our boys! We look forward to the next time this camp comes to town so Kyle can participate again.”

Kyle’s mom

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