2023 Youth Summer Training Camp

Throwzone Academy is pleased to announce our 7th annual Youth Summer Training Camp! 

With summer vacation starting in 5–6 weeks and players needing to get out of the house and practice during June, our camp is the perfect solution to keep your young pitcher busy after school gets out. Plus, dropping your player off at Throwzone for a few hours each week may even give you parents time to do whatever you need to do!

Our youth camp will be run in a similar manner to our high school and college camps.

This 6-week training is consistent with our summer conditioning and throwing program. It will feature both throwing and pitching conditioning and involve all of our summer lifting, agility, and explosiveness workouts, as well as our throwing measurement using radar readings for immediate feedback on strength and throwing velocity. The camp will also involve pre-workout mental and mindset training, which includes videos, worksheets, and breathing techniques. 

The class schedule will consist of the following activities each day: 

  • Mindset video and relaxation drills to start our day right
  • Dynamic stretch and agility conditioning
  • Explosive activity conditioning will focus on training the core and lower half of the body
  • Med-ball core strengthening
  • Arm care
  • Deceleration and pronation stations
  • Weighted ball protocols
  • Mound work with mechanical assessments each day
  • Post-workout arm conditioning

The camp will be held on the following dates:

June 14 through July 21, 2023

Wednesday and Fridays

The camp will run from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at Throwzone Academy.

This program is for players age 9 to 12!


Camp is only available to 12 students total. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. As of now, we already have 4 players signed up. As soon as 12 players are registered, camp registration will be closed. No exceptions this year!

The camp cost is as follows:

$719 for all 12 sessions (6 weeks)
$539 for 8 sessions (4 weeks)
$335 for 4 sessions (2 weeks)

The camp cost also includes a video analysis. 

Contact Jim to reserve your son’s spot. Send a text at 661-644-2147, or email jim@throwzone.com / throwzone20@gmail.com.

A deposit of $100 reserves your spot. Venmo is preferable (search for @throwzone under the name James Wagner) or Zelle (661-644-2147), but credit card, check, or cash are also accepted. The remainder of the payment will be due by the first day of class on Wednesday, June 14th.  

Our camp will sell out quickly, so the sooner you reach out, the better your chance of reserving a spot!

Summer training is the perfect complement to summer baseball. Plus, youth players will experience the type of training our high-level high school and college players receive. You can rest assured they will love the competitive atmosphere as well as the training that will lay the foundation for building up their arm strength for years to come. 

Our camps are tailored to the requirements players are expected to meet once they report back to their respective schools or universities. Throwzone Academy camps have been a staple of summer training, and now we’re tailoring our camp to fit the needs of the youth player. 

Being able to maintain a healthy and strong arm is what makes a player stand out in a region where there are baseball games all year long. That’s one of the top reasons to get a head start on or simply maintain your competitive edge during the baseball season. 

Sign up today to register for this successful training camp at Southern California’s top baseball pitching-only training facility.  

We look forward to seeing your son this summer!