Free Velocity Video Analysis Offer

As a teacher and provider of pitching instruction from both a bio-mechanical and practical standpoint, there are a few points along the development of a baseball pitcher that are absolutely necessary.Being functionally strong for the sport of baseball is important. However, we do not need to train like a football player by just ‘living’ in the weight room and getting big and strong.

Pitching a baseball is a very skill specific sport and training for that specificity is vital to the continued development in reaching the highest levels that you can get to whether that is making the HS team…..playing on varsity level…..pitching in college or making it all the way to the Major Leagues.

Imagine if a pitcher like Tim Lincecum of the SF Giants worked out like crazy in the weight room trying to get bigger and stronger. Lincecum was 145 pounds in HS yet he threw the ball 95 mph!

The weight room is not the most important aspect in baseball development.

And there are other areas that are important to that development……….however, one thing that is critical to a pitcher:

Video Analysis

Video analysis is the ability to breakdown the mechanics of any high speed activity…….and for us, pitching a baseball……and be able to see the smallest details of an activity that is high speed in nature but can be slowed down to a specific frame per second.

There are very expensive cameras that cost tens of thousand of dollars and then there are very inexpensive video recorders that cost a couple of hundred bucks. The goal in all these items the ability to slow down the video to a point where a person can see things in slow motion.

Even Apple and the Iphone recognized the value of high speed recording by putting a slo-motion feature in their new phones!

At TZAcademy, we utilize high speed video analysis that no one in the Southern California can match in regards to the specifics of what makes an efficient throwing delivery. We record as much as 240 frames per second which gives us complete details in what pitchers and throwers are doing in our facility.

This is the one area that TZAcademy is unmatched in seeing the nuances of the small details that can improve your throwing in terms of arm health, recovery and velocity.

And here is our offer to you:

Just fill in the contact information below and we will contact you to set up a FREE video recording and analysis at TZAcademy! That’s it!!!

We also will provide FREE consultation as to what areas you will need to improve to take your throwing and pitching to the next level. We can show you how to get to levels that you could never realize or be able to attain without a video analysis.

If you are a new to TZAcademy or have not seen us in the last year then we make this incredible offer to you.

No longer should players just accept simple statements from coaches as to ways on how to ‘improve’ their delivery by that person just watching them in real time and making such statements as:

“Get your knee up”
“Reach out to your catcher”
“Up, down and out”
“Drive your glove to the target”
“Bend your back more”

These statements are just verbal nonsense and not really what the body needs to do to improve your game. Do not accept the fact that just because a former player tells you these whimsical ‘cues’ that you will improve. As the old statement goes……”The video does not lie”!

You contact us with your information and we will contact you to set up your FREE video analysis as soon as that same week. However, you will need to contact us TODAY as this offer will not be available for long.

In fact, we are offering this to the first 22 people who contact us and as of today we already have 13 people signed up. This all came together 3 days ago and we have filled up our schedule almost 60% before we posted this to all of our clients and to our media outlets.

Contact us TODAY for a FREE video analysis and consultation on how to improve your throwing arm and pitching delivery.

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