August 2019 Newsletter

2019 August Newsletter

With the new school year just weeks away, I wanted to remind you of some of the ‘back to school’ items on our calendar to get the new school year started off with a bang.

July and the beginning of August is downtime for baseball. All-Stars is coming to an end, family vacations are winding down, and getting ready for school begins, if it hasn’t already.

This is where Throwzone Academy comes into play. Baseball in Southern California is a full-time sport without much time off. Most, if not all high school programs, start the same week as classes do and there’s an expectation that players need to be ready from the get-go. We can help you get in ‘back to school’ condition.

Our training classes operate once a week and last almost an hour and a half. With our top-notch arm care program, we work to get our players throwing HARD strikes using a specially detailed post-arm care routine.

However, our biggest training event of the year, and clearly our best weekend of the fall, is when Coach Ron Wolforth and the entire Texas Baseball Ranch team comes to our facility to conduct their nationally-known Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp (EPBC)!

For three days, Coach Ron and his team will spend up to 16 hours a day running the same camp they operate in Houston on their 22-acre ranch. The amount of teaching that goes into this EPBC weekend is amazing. If you visit, you’ll be able to see video and a letter explaining what the camp is and what players will learn.

It truly is a life-changing weekend. As it turns out, years ago I was one of the first, if not the first, parents to take my son out to Houston from the Los Angeles area. After that amazing weekend, I mentioned it to Warren Bauer and his son, Trevor, went to four of the camps. Warren was completely sold on the experience. After both of our sons went to summer training at the Texas Baseball Ranch, Coach Wolforth decided Southern California, specifically Santa Clarita, would be the perfect testing ground for ‘mobile’ boot camps.

As of today, the Texas Baseball Ranch conducts camps in as many as eight different states. This year will mark the 12th annual SoCal/Texas Baseball Ranch camp weekend and we could not be more proud of this amazing tradition here in Santa Clarita.

The EPBC will include all of the following and much more: video analysis and a full functional movement screen to locate areas in the body of weakness or instability, work on lower half patterning and upper half training to be compact and tight when throwing a baseball, a strength station and curveball/slider stations, as well as arm care and long toss work.

It’s not uncommon to be hesitant about the unknown, however with my name attached to the weekend I’ve had many parents trust what I tell them about EPBC being a life-changing weekend with regard to the sport and throwing a baseball. Families come to me midway through the weekend to say thank you for having their son attend and how he’s learned more in a day and a half at the camp than in the last two years! The weekend is that impactful!

The bottom line is that August is a very important month for baseball players. They need to spend time getting themselves ready for high school, college, or their new travel team. Even the local rec leagues start tryouts at the beginning of September. This is why we emphasize the importance of getting ready early to ensure you don’t run into problems later with arm health.

Throwzone Academy provides two different methods to ensure that our players are ready for the rigors of the season. In this day and age of training, why would you want to wait to get prepared for a long season? Professional baseball players might take a month off after the season ends, but by early November they’re getting themselves ready for spring training in February.

Contact us today at 661-644-8814 to begin classes or sign up for our SoCal Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp with the Texas Baseball Ranch. You’ll be excited that you did!

On another note, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about our players as well as details on the Throwzone Podcast currently recording every Friday morning at 9am. Visit to view past guests on the show and listen to archived interviews with MLB players and coaches working with high school, college and pro teams. Each week features a new guest from the game of baseball.

We wish you all a great start to the new school year!

Until next time…

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