September 2020 ENewsletter: It’s Time To Get Ready!

As businesses in California, along with many other states in the country, start to very slowly open up, it’s only a matter of time before the biggest business — our school system — opens up for children.

I personally believe nothing will happen until after the holidays, however there are signs that practices for all sports, specifically baseball, will start voluntary conditioning workouts in the next month. Let us all kneel and pray that it does. Because it’s time for baseball to begin in our state.

It’s like a remedy everyone needs in order to feel better, and I, for one, will stand in line ready for practices to begin.

For baseball players all around, it will be a welcome relief.  Many people are traveling out of state to go play games, and though I think it’s important for those that can travel, it’s more important to work on conditioning and development.

Players that come to Throwzone Academy will be two steps ahead of the competition. Our training classes will ensure their bodies and arms are prepared for the amount of conditioning and throwing required once school programs are given the thumbs up to compete again.

Our classes are designed to fully prepare the body to throw. Most players throw to warm-up, but we warm up to throw. Our streak of players moving onto the next level in their ability speaks volumes about the importance of arm health and recovery.

In many cases, players who can recover after their outings are the players who come back healthy and able to build upon their last practice or game. This includes position players who are playing in the field for 3-5 games a weekend in Arizona or Utah. How they recover from standing around, hitting, swinging, and warming up so they can throw over a 2-3 day period says a lot about their body’s ability to be at peak performance game after game.

Many of these players are vying for an opportunity to commit to a 4-year college or university. It’s really important for everyday players at the college level to do all of these things 6-7 days a week.  If you can’t handle that workload, there’s always someone else ready to take your position.

This is why we implore players to take their arm health seriously. If you can’t throw, then you won’t play on the field; it’s that simple.

You must be READY to start baseball again, and the time is now to start the process. And Throwzone is here to help you get those desired results.

As we are in the thick of September, I must remind players of the importance of hydrating and getting enough sleep. With temperatures being in the 100 degree range, not drinking enough liquids can derail all the hard work you put in. It’s like a car overheating because there’s no liquid in the radiator; the engine will seize. A player’s engine will shut down if they don’t take hydration seriously.

The same goes for sleep. Players should be getting a minimum of 8 hours sleep each night, 9-10 hours is even better if you’re training hard and constantly. The body needs time to recover, heal, and start over again the next day. Please heed this advice!

Also, classes are still available. Call us for class days and times.

Lastly, we have new Throwzone gear available in shirts, shorts, and hats. The new colors are a hit, so come in and ask for a new item. Shirts and shorts are $20 and hats are $25!

Let’s get ready for baseball training, and let Throwzone help you get started!

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