October Enewsletter: And The Beat Goes On…

It’s like a record playing over and over again: We’re moving closer to things opening again.

Months ago we were told to get the numbers of positive tests down, wear our masks, stay home as much as possible, and limit contact with other people.

Yet, we’re still doing the same thing as the rules change for everything going on in our state. I won’t get political here, but there’s a reason why families are leaving in droves to start life over in another state. California Dreamin’ has left once and for all.

My thoughts always go back to baseball though, and while the rules are slowly changing in our favor for sports, we’re still managing practices at a snail’s pace.

Most of the Foothill League schools here in SCV have started some form of practicing, albeit conditioning only, but it’s a start. In fact, some schools have begun letting players play catch, though the rules are strict.

This leads me back to training and throwing. There are a number of players who’ve been playing games on weekends in Arizona and Utah and secretly in SoCal. This is all well and good, but it’s going to come back to bite many of these players due to lack of practice time, repetitions, and a general lack of throwing and hitting.

Two players come to mind who already have a throwing and a hitting injury. Although the hitting injury has subsided, the lack of lead-up time and the immediate playing of games did cause his injury.

The throwing injury came from pitching multiple innings on a travel ball squad. This player just didn’t have enough arm strength built up to sustain his elbow and forearm for a long period of time.

As I’ve mentioned in the last two enewsletters, this will be a season of injuries due to the lack of training on a consistent basis. I’m regularly asking players who come to our facility how much throwing they’re doing between sessions. The average amount of time is probably under 1 day per week.

Some are throwing five times a week and that’s great. Others just couldn’t get around to it. I’m here to tell you that if you don’t get out and do the work, the likelihood of an injury or lack of success on the field is going to be substantial. There are no shortcuts to success in baseball or life.

Players need to throw, to hit, to take ground balls, to do anything related to baseball. Couple that with conditioning, sprint work, some body weight strength training (push-ups would be an amazing start), and your player is well on his way to great results.

It’s that easy. And at Throwzone Academy, we can show you how to become the best you that you can be on the field and the mound.

We have years of experience training all types of players. We have Warren Bauer at the facility four days a week, whose son Trevor (arguably the Cy Young Award winner for the National League) trained with us while growing up. Warren’s experience alone is more than enough reason to get excited about player development.

Tyler Glasnow of the Tampa Bay Rays, who pitched and shut down the New York Yankees in the Division Series, spent a big part of his development with us.

This is why you want to take advantage of our background and expertise in order to become the best player on the field.

And it can all start today. Call us to get restarted!

We hope October finds you and your family in good health with the Good Lord watching over all of your family and friends during this time of need.

We don’t know where our country is going with November 3rd right around the corner, but you can certainly do something for your son on the ball field right now!

Until next time,



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