December 2020 ENewsletter: ’Tis The Season

So, here we are again. Another holiday season is upon us. In what should be the most wonderful time of the year, it’s been more like a nightmare for all Americans.

COVID-19 has been the gift that keeps on giving, literally. But this isn’t how we anticipated spending December, not being to gather by one another’s side. I’m not sure Bing Crosby or Elvis could write a Christmas song that involved the entire planet staying away from each other. Can we please move on from 2020 and get into the meat of 2021 where we hope and pray for vaccines to do the work we all hope they can do? If not to save lives, then to allow businesses, restaurants, and movie theaters to open so we can have normalcy once again.

When Kobe Bryant passed away last January, I was devastated by the loss. I cried multiple times along with my sons who were just heartbroken.  However, who could have ever imagined the world would change the way it has.

Selfishly, my oldest son, Ryan, and his beautiful wife, Alex, missed out on a wedding ceremony and reception for 150 people. Fortunately, they got married in front of their parents, and it was beautiful. I know there have been many things that haven’t happened in your lives because of the virus.  (Side note: A blessing did occur as they’re past the first trimester of pregnancy. I’m going to be a grandfather, and we’re overjoyed for this little boy to enter the world.)

I hope there have been some small blessings in your lives too. Because the strain that’s been brought on all families is immeasurable. Students stuck in their rooms, no hanging out with friends or going to restaurants, and NO sports.

The best advice I can give our clients regarding baseball training is to take advantage of this shutdown and work on those areas of need you may not normally get a chance to work on. Whether that’s a skill-specific strength, building up arm strength, or honing your delivery or swing, it’s a must to continue working on those areas. We’ve been fortunate that players still come and see us to get their specific work in on a weekly basis, but there are many who don’t take advantage of these times to get better.

Since there are either a limited number or no games at all taking place, player motivation tends to wane. However, I do know A LOT of players who’ve been mastering their video game skills on a daily basis. This isn’t what our bodies are intended to do. Bad posture sets in, wrist and hand problems start to emerge, and they tend to get ‘fat’ due to lack of exercise. Throwing keeps players at a low level compared to some of their peers.

So, my advice during this holiday season, and through January, is to continue working on and improving your baseball game. Spend extra time every day to work on any areas of weakness. Come to Throwzone and get yourself back in good throwing shape to prepare for the games that will be played in 2021. They may not happen during the spring season, but summertime is a good time to be ready, be seen by colleges, and, most importantly, get yourself back in good shape.

Even players who did great in high school grow up and realize they could’ve done more. It’s only natural to feel this way, so put yourself in a position to get better and be ready when the bell dings and games are back on. Don’t ever let doubt creep in!

We still have spots available for our weekly training classes, so contact us about signing up. Our holiday camp for older players is sold out, but we do have a spot or two still available in our youth camp for players 12 and under.

All of us at Throwzone wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and joyous New Year!

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