August 2021 ENewsletter: It’s That Time Of Year Again

As we descend upon August, there are many areas of our daily lives to think of as time continually passes us by.

School is starting this week for many students. The Class of ’21 graduates are packing their belongings to head off to the college of their choice. High school, middle, and elementary students are getting their supplies and new clothes for the upcoming school year. Parents are relieved that this year their children are getting out of the house and into classrooms again. The family unit is getting back to a sense of reality with schedules back in place after what undoubtedly was, and still is, one of the most difficult periods in the history of our great planet.

But with school starting, we get to start all over with our children’s sports schedules too. Football is already in full swing, and baseball will start to pick up in the next few weeks with new teams and new hope for a great travel ball or rec league season. It’s also a very busy time for Throwzone where students come back for training to get their bodies and arms in shape for what is a long baseball season.

As our group classes start to take shape, it’s important to remember that injuries can play a part with athletes no matter what sport they may play. Making the time and effort to coordinate a schedule for a solid build-up of their bodies before games begin is critical.

When my sons played tackle football, the first week was conditioning without any equipment on. The second week, it was shoulder pads and helmets only, and then the third week was full pads. Football does training correctly by conditioning first before playing any games.

Unfortunately, baseball teams don’t follow the same standards in most cases.

After a week or two of practicing twice a week, games always get scheduled quickly. This is where continual training with Throwzone can help players build up arm strength, recover more quickly, and work on correct throwing patterns to solidify a healthy arm as well as lower back, core, and other body parts that support the throwing arm.

In addition to our weekly training, one of our biggest events of the year is our Elite Pitchers Boot Camp with the Texas Baseball Ranch coaching group. This is the best weekend of baseball and pitching training in all of California and the West Coast for that matter. All of the information on the camp can be found at this link:

Coach Ron Wolforth and the entire TBR team run the clinic for three days, and it’s the perfect blend of training and preparation for the long season ahead, with all facets of baseball pitching and throwing being the centerpiece of the weekend (September 24-26). Training of this caliber will set the wheels in motion for a player’s development for years to come and is the perfect jumpstart to gaining velocity and remaining healthy throughout the calendar year.

As this is our biggest event of the year, I want to make sure you know that space is limited and will be capped at 36 players. As of this writing, there are 28 players committed. If you want to know you’ll get a positive return on your investment, then know that every year we’ve run this camp—this is our 15th year—the comments and reviews we receive are ALL glowing. Elite Pitchers Boot Camp has put baseball training into perspective for each and every one of the players and their parents who have attended, now over 400 and counting. Spending money on showcases and week-long baseball-cations does nothing to improve development; they just end in soreness with no coaches contacting you after expensive showcase outings.

The final word on Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is that over 60+ players have moved onto Division 1 baseball or professional ball, including one MLB player and two more who are in AA and AAA Divisions and are a September call-up away from their own major league debut. Read the testimonials on the camp link above to see what other players and their families think.

It’s a weekend that can truly be life-changing if you can make the decision to join us today.

And, as always, we are just a phone call away from having your son become the best baseball player he can be!

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